The Digital Diet: The 4-step plan to break your tech addiction and regain balance in your life

I just saw the cell phone commercial that says the small business with the best technology rules. While I am a big fan of technology and couldn't have my business without it - I would tweak that statement a bit. Let's change that to - the small business (or person) that knows how to utilize the best technology in the best way, rules.

I think the majority of people understand the use of technology can get totally out of control. When I see neighborhood kids walking down the street and texting to the people beside them - it seems the use of technology is out of control. That is just one of many examples we see every day.

If you are one of the many people who has a cell phone, a computer, a laptop, several email accounts, several social media accounts, and iPad and various other technology items - you know what I mean. Just finding enough plug ins to recharge all those things can take a while. So, maybe you need The Digital Diet. I know the word "diet" scares people, but author Daniel Sieberg steps readers through his 4 step plan, one step at a time.

There are a number of quotes from the book that I really enjoyed...

"At the core, the Digital Diet is about common sense and common courtesy, Impress yourself and those around you. Be the master, not the slave."

"Technology makes life more sterile and makes it too easy to avoid a conversation (services like slydial send you straight to voice mail), face responsibility (sorry, didn't get your message), or display emotions (those emoticons just don't cut it). Too often technology allows us to replace meaningful interaction with superficial ones. Many of us have become terrible and ineffective communicators and blog and elfish broadcasters. Lots of telling but very little listening. We've come to rely on what I call, in fast food term, "drive through conversations". Pull up, get what you want and drive away. No fuss, no muss. If only real life were so convenient."

"... our heads down, all too often we give in to our gadgets and let them be our guide. But when we use our mind and our social graces to overcome a particular dilemma, like catching the right train, there is a sense of pride that we accomplished something, not our device. That's one key to better management of our digital life. Recognize those occasions when your brain is able to solve the problem and rely on it."

Let's face it - keeping up with every new gadget, toy, program or social site is very exhausting. So, using Sieberg's plan makes sense. These are short summaries of the 4 step plan.

Step 1 - Think - Consider how technology has overwhelmed our society and the effect it's had on your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Step 2 - Boot - Take stock of your digital intake using Sieberg's Virtual Weight Index and step back from the device.

Step 3 - Connect - Focus on restoring the relationship that have been harmed by the technology in your life.

Step 4 - Vitalize - Learn how to live with technology - the healthy way, by optimizing your time spent e-mailing, texting, on Facebook and web surfing.

As with any diet plan, you should review all the steps and then find the best way to utilize the plan to improve your life. But having read this book and shared the information with friends, I really think you will be pleasantly surprised by the things you will learn about yourself by reading this book and working through parts of the plan. Imagine the difference it could make when you're able to take back control of your life...


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