The Power of Your Child’s Imagination by Charlotte Reznick PhD

Children are the entrepreneurs of tomorrow - so we need to encourage and develop their imagination and creativity. There are many benefits for them - being an effective entrepreneur in the future is only one. We can all use more imagination and creativity in our lives and our businesses - so I'm very happy to share information about this valuable resource. As you read this - how many of these problems are things that you face every day as an entrepreneur? Imagine learning to handle and lessen headaches, stomach aches, anxiety, fear, stress, loss of sleep, problems concentrating and much more. This book shows how to do this for our future entrepreneurs - and it could work for you too...

We all know children that have things that we consider behavioral issues, some have bedwetting issues, trouble sleeping, headaches and stomachaches, anxiety and fear, trouble dealing with divorce of their parents and/or loss, anger frustration, problems in school, a hard time concentrating, arguments with siblings and schoolmates and much more. Frequently parents turn to medication or discipline - but how often do these things actually work? I am a big fan of any alternative treatment options - so when Dr Reznick contacted me about doing a virtual tour with us to promote her book, I was very excited. As soon as I saw her press kit - I emailed several friends with children to tell them about this book.

To get an idea of the topics that are covered in The Power of Your Child's Imagination - check out the table of contents.

Part One - The Tools

Chapter 1 - The Way Out Is Through the Inside

Chapter 2 - How to Get from here to There

Chapter 3 - The Benefits of Artistic Expression

Chapter 4 - Grown-Ups Need Tools, Too

Part Two - Putting the Tools to Work

Chapter 5 - Everyone Deserves to be Happy

Chapter 6 - When Life is Making Your Child Sick

Chapter 7 - The Bogeyman and Other Scary Stuff

Chapter 8 - Bedtime

Chapter 9 - Why Does Everyone Keep Leaving

Chapter 10 - When Good Kids Do Bad Things

Chapter 11 - Go For the Gold - Celebrate the Bronze

Chapter 12 - Can't We All Just Get Along?

In the first part of the book, Charlotte Reznick shares her tools on how to help your child not only survive in a stressful and difficult world - but it can help them to thrive - without drugs. Learn what tools she recommends - help your child learn to be creative and to use their imagination to the full. I love the technology that we have, but too many children and adults don't show a lot of creativity. As a child and adult, I loved being creative and have always used my imagination - maybe too much.

Some of the conditions and ailments that these tools can help you with, include: stress induced headaches and stomachaches, bed wetting, inability to sleep, problems as school, problems with siblings, trouble concentrating, frustration ,anger issues, dealing with death or divorce, panic attacks, social anxiety, and much more.

Dr Reznick shares each tool - explains the details of each tool, explains how to prepare your child, provides notes to help you through the process with additional notes and she provides variations of each tool that you can use. She explains how children use each tool and gives troubleshooting tips. The book provides all of these details for each tool.

How many of these things does your children face on a regular basis? What would you give to find a drug free way to help them? The answer is here. After you read Part One and learn about the tools that Dr Reznick uses, move to Part Two and learn how she uses these tools to help the situations listed above.

I love the title of Chapter 5 - Everyone Deserves to be Happy. That is so true and we especially want our children to be happy and to help them move forward in life on the right foot.

In each chapter in Part Two - you see the instructions on how to put the tools to work, but that is just the beginning. I love to see unique features in non-fiction and Dr Reznick provides these. She provides: quick tips to help you and your child, backtrack alerts and detailed "how to" instructions. While I appreciate all these elements, the backtrack alerts are wonderful - Dr Reznick gives you things to look for to see if you child is losing ground. This is wonderful and I think very beneficial because we all know how hard it can be to see changes in a person when we are around them all the time, but these are additional red flags to watch for and to understand there is a problem.

I think any parent, advisor, counselor, aunt, uncle etc who loves and helps children needs a copy of this book - and they need to read and use it. In closing, I have to share this quote from an 11 year old boy - to me, this proves this young man understands. He said, "The only way to love yourself is to believe and believe in yourself".


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