Passion, Plan and Profit by Christy Strauch

I wanted my own business for years and started it about 10 years ago. But for years before and after that, I ran businesses for other people and learned something new on each and every job I had. Finally about 4 years ago I had the opportunity to focus on my business fulltime and I haven't looked back. This background and experience has been invaluable to me and I know there are many people out there who would like to have their own business.

The thing about my business is that I love what I do -- the creative outlet, the ability to help others grow their business and seeing the results we get - all make this something I love to do. Having a business of my own that I love is not something I take for granted and there are many other people who would like to have the same opportunity. That is what Passion, Plan and Profit by Christy Strauch is about.

In the beginning of this book you will find sections that include: Read This Before You Begin, Caution, How to Use This Book, etc. I like to include these sort of sections to lay the groundwork in my non fiction books - be sure you read all of these sections. Then we move on to the heart of the book.

Section One - Why Are You In Business (Purpose, Vision, Mission and Value)

Section Two - How Are You In Business (Target Market, Strategies, Unique Selling Proposition, Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats)

Section Three - (Income, Expenses, Key Measurements)

Section Four - (Clarity)

Strauch covers so many great topics that all business owners or people who want to be business owners need to understand. But she doesn't stop there. In the back of the book you will find a business plan template, a checklist to track your progress, resources, the Footwork Calculator and Business Plan Review Processes - including monthly and quarterly reviews.

There are so many topics that business owners need to manage. All the sections of this book are valuable, but I was really impressed with the "Numbers" section. Not only does she explain the incomes and expenses, but she also included directions to help you estimate these numbers properly. Getting these estimates is critical to the success of any business and need to be calculated to complete a thorough business plan and to secure sufficient financing.

Another thing that I really like is that Strauch included a number of worksheets in the book. I love non fiction books that provide ways for the reader to interact and utilize the information. This book is highly recommended for people who want to start a business and especially people who want to start a business that incorporates something they love.


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