Why Charismatic Women Can Rule The World

The UK’s first female Prime Minister, baker’s daughter Margaret Thatcher reshaped almost every aspect of British politics. Her ‘Iron Lady’ nickname was acquired due to her forthright and assertive manner. Strong willed and armed with a superhuman abundance of energy, she relentlessly pursued national recovery, courting controversy, dismay and delight from every continent.

One of her most impressive interviews, from a dynamic and charismatic perspective, was on BBC Panorama with the late Sir Robin Day. Her direct eye contact and her commanding voice tonality were heightened by her passion and conviction when she responded to Day’s question about whether she believed ‘Thatcherism’ had divided the country. Talking for around three minutes (a long time for television), Margaret Thatcher used this question to deliver a party political broadcast. She appeared to be surrounded by an electro-magnetic force field that even Sir Robin Day could not dilute.

In stark contrast, the late Princess Diana’s charisma, charm and vulnerability touched people worldwide and earned her the nickname ‘The People’s Princess’. Her warmth, vibrancy and compassion comforted many who were sick or dying. She passionately pursued charitable causes that were close to her heart, most especially to the elimination of AIDS and landmines.

Both of these charismatic women highlight that charisma is a powerful presence that enables the individual who possesses it to exert high levels of impact and influence. Ultimately, this leverages the odds of you achieving your desired outcome and accelerates career progression and achievement. You know when you have it, because people notice you; they pay attention to what you say, and gravitate towards you. Charismatic people find it easy to attract and influence others, a vital component in determining your level of success in your career. Charisma is that special quality that can set you apart from your peers, enabling you to create a strong personal impact with your verbal and non-verbal communication.

Everyone has the potential to become charismatic, because it is a natural state that some individuals are able to access more frequently than others. When a person is feeling comfortable, confident and passionate about what they are doing, they begin to radiate an aura of energy that captivates the attention of people around them. Once you have tapped into your own charisma resource you activate its potential to grow and expand.

There is another exciting spin-off to possessing charisma: you’ll notice that with the expansion of your personal presence you’ll start to access your charismatic potential with greater ease. Charisma breeds charisma. This has a foundation of scientific proof from many physicist sources, including Schwartz’s creative experiments, Ghosh’s research and Zeilinger’s astonishing discoveries. They found that the energy of thought has the same effect as the energy of movement outside the thinker’s own body. Thoughts can become physical manifestations or, to put it another way, thoughts become things. If we feel confident and charismatic or if we act as if we are highly charismatic, the intention of these thoughts will manifest more feelings of confidence and charisma.


Nikki Owen is an award winning speaker on charisma and has over 20 years experience in leadership and charisma development. She has also become a sought after media commentator and spokesperson, most recently being invited by press, radio and TV to comment extensively on party political debates.

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