10 Tips for Sweet Shop Retailers to increase Sales this Diwali

1. Gift Packs: Say NO to customize gift packs.

  • Keeping track of inventory becomes difficult.
  • There can be N number of combination with 4 or 6 lines sweets gift pack.
  • This consumes too much of time of the salesman and billing operator.
  • The saved time will help us to cater more customers – more transactions.
  • Customers wants fast delivery / service
2. Gift Packs: Offering pre-defined gift packs.

  • Predefine gift packs SKU’s like Gift Pack A Rs.250, Gift Pack B Rs.250, Gift Pack C Rs.350.
  • Limit this to maximum of 20 such SKU (gift packs).
  • This helps customer to CHOOSE FAST, helps operator in BILL FASTER and enables service staff to DELIVER FASTEST.
  • Make sure to provide a good choice of sweets at different price range for customer to take faster decision. The customer should feel value for money.
  • Based on the past experience, plan a mix of sweets based on price, profitability, production time and complexity.
3. Gift Packs: Limit the number of items.

  • This will help you to increase efficiency of production unit.
  • This will result in more production with less wastage.
  • Customer will save time on selection.
  • Keep in mind that time is very precious in these festive days.
4. Separate Order + Cash Counter & Delivery Counter

  • Separate counters enables cashier to focus on taking orders and collecting cash.
  • Helps delivery team to focus only on deliveries.
  • Allows you to manage and distribute the festival rush.
  • This means you can handle MORE customers in the same time resulting in MORE sales.
5. Use of PoP: Point-of-Purchase

  • Separate counter that displays the “new” & “must-buy” sweets pack.
  • Does justice to all your offerings.
  • Helps customers to make clear and faster choice.
  • Allows you to drive the sales.
6. Give something free (Add Value)

  • Customers expect more. If you can give something free on this festive season, it will create a good impact on the business.
  • Never give cash discount. This will decrease the revenue.
  • Use your own production so that it shows value addition – but costs you less.
  • Own-production helps you in brand promotion during busiest festive season.
7. Entry and Exit Points

  • Make sure to have 1 entry and 1 exit point.
  • This helps you to manage the customer flow.
  • Too many entry and exit points makes it difficult to handle festive rush.
  • A pathway helps customer to move in a specific direction.
  • 1 exit point ensures proper security of packages going out.
8. Groom your staff as your partners

  • Welcome your customers with a smile.
  • Use cross-sale and increase sales like suggesting them to buy specific Namkin with the sweets purchased.
  • Use in-store signage to tempt their purchase.
9. Use of IT System

  • Your software should be fast enough for taking orders and generating receipts.
  • It should be well connected with your production unit to ensure back-to-back deliveries.
  • Use of kitchen printers saves time of your staff to run between floor and kitchen.
  • Make sure to integrate weigh-scale for accurate weighing and billing.
10. Give your customers a life-time experience

  • Customer don’t buy sweets, they buy emotions and value added to it.
  • The display and packaging of products should be hygienic.
  • Make sure to deliver a memorable experience to your customer.
  • 1 good customer is equal to 10 new customers.


Nilesh Shah nileshshah@rancelab.com Over 10 years of experience in the field of software development, sales and marketing. He has assisted over 500 Retailers and Restaurateurs in implementing the Retail and F&B software with barcode & pos hardware for their business. He holds a designation of Director, Marketing in Rance Computer Pvt Ltd. He holds the certification from Microsoft Corporation and NIS. His current research focuses on developing and implementing intelligent retail systems...

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