Crafting Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is one the most popular way of marketing today. People who are today successful with their email marketing campaigns are successful just because they have planned their email marketing campaigns long before they launched their campaign. A successful email marketing campaign depends upon proper design of campaign and if you start without design then you have planned to fail in your campaign.

Appearance of newsletter:

Appearance of newsletter does matters to its success. Many people think delivering a newsletter with high graphic images and flashy content can hold people to read delivered newsletter. But here's the fact high use of graphical method does not work and most of the times graphics elements and images are blocked by email filters. Try a simple newsletter, stop emphasizing on graphics and concentrate of quality of content. For visual appeal use colorful fonts than images, flash content or any other graphical element.

Content should grab attention:

Researches has proved that an average email reader never reads any email completely. And when it comes to marketing campaign emails they are more likely to be read for only 10 seconds. Hence to grab attention all magic has to be inside content of email. And also simple newsletters are more prone to keep people read completely email than visually appealing emails.

Take help of marketing research:

That's really important step. Take a marketing research on how people read emails from marketing campaigns which are similar to which you are planning. Note down which design will work better for your email campaigns and why. Try to check out all major competitors you will be competing with before making your major move.

Use your knowledge and experience:

One thing you should keep in mind while starting your campaigns. In spite of the fact that your email campaign would be similar to your previous campaign, it doesn't guarantee that same strategy would work on it. Its really very important to note while copying your own or someone's campaign that same strategy may not work everywhere. Use your experience and knowledge to analyze and find out solutions on such situations where strategy has to changed.

Give people chance to connect with you:

Marketing campaigns without knowing what people want will surely end you as a player in your own campaign. Readers needs change with time and you have to keep eye on that change. Ask your readers to give feedback to you. Always keep a link to your website in your newsletter so that people can visit you.

Keep in mind an email campaign started without planning and design is destined to failure and you can not do anything about it so plan your email campaigns for success and not failures.


Nrupen Masram started his part time affiliate marketing after college dropout. He likes to write about affiliate marketing and other online income opportunities.
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