Have you ever asked yourself what money really is? You see one of the greatest undermining factor undermining the development of the world is the vague belief held by most people on the subject of wealth and riches, most people today in the world think wealth is having so much paper asset well, sorry to disappoint you, you are wrong. Real wealth are asset that produce(s) money, real wealth are like machines that keeps on producing or you can say vomiting money. So to build real wealth you have to understand these assets.

So in building wealth you have to take into consideration these assets as against paper money because paper money can be mutilated, destroyed or even cancelled but asset can not be destroyed because asset are the real wealth not the papers. So how do you secure your financial future? I think it is by investing in real wealth, and what is real wealth? Well the following two can be classified as real wealth.

(a) Creative ideas.

Ideas they say rule the world most people never know that the great billionaires are guys who understand that money is a product of their ideas not the paper stored in the bank, after all the likes of bill gates, mark zuckerberg and even Steve jobs never worked in a bank. Then how come they are so wealthy? Well pals they are guys who have ideas about a new innovation, products and services and they turn this product into a money machine that keeps on producing plenty money. In fact I think one of the surest ways to become truly wealthy is by tapping into the power of your spirit or your creative ingenuity to create financial stream. You may think you are not as gifted as bill gates well, I think you are wrong because God created with something all you just have to do is look deep within yourself and find that thing because that is the secret to your wealth.

(b) Investment.

Another real wealth machine is investment. There are lots of things you can invest in you can invest in shares, bonds, funds, real estate or any other investment vehicle. These assets keep on making you money either day or night. All you have to do is to carry out your ground work and talk to financial experts so as to know the right investment to make. And really I think this is the best time to invest because stocks and other securities are a bit low now so you can buy at a cheap price and hold till the price starts coming up and then you sell.

Real wealth are anything that can stand the test of time and can easily be converted into paper money anytime. Most of the worlds currency is backed up by Gold and gold overtime has been able to stand the test of time. That in my own view is the real wealth.


Toyin olatujayan is a social entreprenuer whose passion and vision for Africa is to see a new Africa where business development and innovation thrives and a new creative and entreprenurial culture birthed within the continent of Africa.
Toyin currently writes on economic and social issues on WWW.TOYINOLATUJA.BLOGSPOT.COM

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