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There are only 3 simple keys to have success online. Unfortunately few people know or understand these 3 simple steps. The first is build your list. Now you may have heard this before, but really there are only 3 simple things to have success online and the first is to build your list. So it sounds easy, but the truth is 97% of people online can't do that. Most people have never produced leads online. To be truthful most people have never produced even 1 lead. So it's your job to find the leaders, system and training that will show you exactly how to build list. Once you've done that you're done with the first step which is build your list.

The second key to success online is now that you've built your list, is to build a relationship with your list. Understand that there are so many offers and scams online that people don't know who to trust. So just getting straight to the point of, "join my business" or "buy my product" is not going to produce the results you're looking for. You need to give value through your email. Educate your list or do something unexpected to gain their trust. Give them a free gift of some kind. Whatever value you have to offer you list make sure you offer it to gain their trust. That is the second step you need to take to have success online.

The last key to success online is to market to your list. The second step was very important because you have less chance of success if you have not built a relationship with the people on your list. So if you have built a relationship with your list this last step is where you start making money. It does take a little copy writing skills to get your list to take action and join your team or buy. That is why in step one I said make sure you find the right leaders, system and training so you have those skills to get the people on your list to take action. If you are about to do this, then the Internet has now become your ATM machine.

So there you have it. The 3 keys to success online. These are truly the only things you need to focus on to have success online and if you do, your success is guaranteed. Take care and take action.


Expert EzineArticles and Evan Carmichael author Omari Taylor. An Internet marketing expert, business coach and consultant, Omari was born in Oakland, California. At age 26 he has seen it all and has developed skill that other marketers are searching for. Persistance, motivation and connections with very successful individuals in the Internet Marketing world has separated him for that group of 97% online marketers who spend more money than they make. Omari is very straight forward in his artic...

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