3 Simple Steps To Effective Online Marketing Videos! ~CASH MAGNET

First you want to introduce yourself and establish a problem. There are several ways to do this. You can tell a story about someone or yourself that ties to a problem the viewer may also have. You can make a statement like, "97% of people who try to build a business online fail and that is unfortunate but I have found a solution to this problem." Another way to establish a problem is to directly ask the viewer a question. For example you could ask a question like, "Are you struggling to make money online?" This is the first step to making effective online marketing videos.

The second thing you want to do is tell your view a little bit about yourself before you give the solution to the problem. What is your story or history and why should the viewer listen to you? Even if you just started your business you can say something like, " Hi my name is ________. I'm a __________ and I have been doing that for __ years. I love helping people and sharing cutting edge information." Don't skip this step because this builds somewhat of a relationship when you tell the viewer about yourself.

The last thing you want to do is give the solution to the problem and have a call to action. If you give the solution to the problem the person viewing your video may have, this immediately establishes you as an expert in their eyes. A call to action is when you tell the viewer what to do next. For example you could say, "for more information or great tips go to,  ___________." Sometimes if you just display your web site on your video and don't tell the person where to go next they will not go to your web site.

It is fairly simple to make effective online marketing videos but if you are not using these steps your videos definitely won't be producing at their full potential. So use these steps and reap the rewards. I'll see you at the top. Omari Taylor.


Expert EzineArticles and Evan Carmichael author Omari Taylor. An Internet marketing expert, business coach and consultant, Omari was born in Oakland, California. At age 26 he has seen it all and has developed skill that other marketers are searching for. Persistance, motivation and connections with very successful individuals in the Internet Marketing world has separated him for that group of 97% online marketers who spend more money than they make. Omari is very straight forward in his artic...

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