Using Streaming Video As Web Content

Webmasters no longer need to rely on textual content, or even static graphic content for websites. Audio has never been a popular choice for the majority of websites because it can become annoying for visitors unless executed perfectly. However, thanks to the increasingly short attention span of surfers, a new technology has emerged as offering a superb alternative – streaming video content.

Catering To Your Visitors' Needs

Video can deliver a very clear and concise message and it can do so in a short space of time. It's possible to convey a complex message or give instruction on how to undertake a complex task in just a couple of minutes. And yet, so far, all but the biggest and the most savvy of websites have taken real advantage of this technology.

The potential of streaming video content is huge. The attention span of surfers is measured in seconds, and very few of them, and unless you can grab their attention in those crucial first few moments you're likely to lose them forever. Video packs that punch with style and panache.

Delivering A Complex Message

Video content also helps to deliver complex messages or instructions without the need for extensive instructional articles. It can be used to cut down on the amount of support that customers require, especially if you sell software or digital products. Reduced technical support means lower costs and an improved business.

The Popularity Of Video

For an indication of how popular video content is to surfers, you need only look as far as video sharing websites like YouTube, currently ranked the 3rd most popular site on Alexa. Users regularly share videos and download and view other people's submitted content. Google currently lists over 2 million links to showing its popularity with other websites.

Despite this popularity, there really are very few websites that host their own streaming video footage. One of the reasons is that it is still an emerging technology – a lot of website owners are reserving judgment as to whether it will prove as popular as some believe. Another possible reason for its lack of use is that it is conceived to be technically difficult or expensive to create and subsequently host video clips.

Type And Cost Of Video

The type of video you intend to make will ultimately decide your budget. A video advertisement can range from tens of dollars to thousands and thousands of dollars. Video software tutorials and demonstrations, though, can be created for very little investment and they will be a popular addition to your site if made well. While there aren’t the same numbers of video content providers as there are graphic designers or web developers, the number is rising.

Do It Yourself?

The technology and the software exist for site owners to create their own video footage. Screen capture software is no longer limited to taking static snap shots of what you're doing. Modern video screen capture software can be used to easily create step by step instructions. This software can even be found for free on the Internet, although the commercial packages do typically offer a lot more in functions and features.

Video Content To Improve Your Business

Video content can be used to market a site through video sharing networks, or to add value to your existing content. However you choose to use it, video footage is not yet a widely used form of content and you could steal a march on your competitors by including some on your own pages. Surfers love to view video because it takes less concentration and less time than reading textual content and is usually more entertaining than graphical content.


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