5 Ways to Stay Focused on Your Goals As an Entrepreneur

We all constantly have to battle life's distractions, as an entrepreneur, to stay laser-focused on achieving our goals. Now I'll admit, it's not always easy to stay on track with a goal you have set out for yourself. Your personal responsibilities, self-esteem, just not enough time, these are all excuses that we, including myself, occasionally use to vision our goals as unreachable.

As an entrepreneur, whether you're working an MLM opportunity from home, an online business of some kind, or an actual "Brick and Mortar" business, you will be tested to your maximum limits in regards to keeping focus on what you are trying to achieve. Believe me, I've failed many times. But it's not the fact that you've failed at reaching a particular goal, it's about getting up again and moving forward.

Now, I wanted to mention 5 ways you can train your mind to keep focus no matter what particular crossroads you reach in life and in business. These strategies will give you a different view on the way you would look at any situation, regardless of were it categorizes in your life.

  • AIM - You must have a goal or a "target" to reach. The best way to remain focused is to conceive that goal as "already in existence now". The goal must also be powerful, enough to make you cry. That is how you can tell if you have a powerful WHY and if that why will force you to do what it takes to achieve it.
  • TRUST - Don't be discouraged when the means to reaching your goals may not be apparent. Your mind will supply the means when you supply the goal.
  • RELAX - Mistakes will happen. Failure will happen. These are things that are inevitable. But "It's not how hard life hits us, it's how hard we can take a hit and keep moving forward." Rocky Balboa
  • LEARN - The only way to learn a new skill is by trial and error. We must program our minds to correct our aim towards our goal until you are achieving motion, or movement, in the right direction again.
  • Do - We have to learn to trust our efforts and let them do their work. Unfortunately, if results are not seen from our on going efforts, we tend to force ourselves even harder and tend to "jam" all the progress that has already been achieved. No one can tell the future and know exactly what our efforts will bring and if they will actually get us closer to our goals. But we must let them run their course and not force them.
Keeping this in mind, choose your "target", or goal, and devote time each day to concentrate and take a mental picture of you actually having and achieving that goal. Whether it be a better life, time freedom, financial freedom, more time with the family, keep that picture in your mind. By doing so, you've created a goal for your MIND to achieve and let it find the way to get there.

To Your Success,

Pablo Gonzalez


Pablo Gonzalez, Expert Author, Professional Online Marketer, Proud DAD, and Former Business Failure turned success! Coming from blue-collar career, the decision to become an entrepreneur was life-changing. Now, Pablo dedicates his time to mentor and coach new entrepreneurs and those looking to become entrepreneurs on how to dominate in online marketing. Learn more about Pablo at http://MeetPabloGonzalez.com .

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