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The network marketing industry is expanding at a greater rate than ever before. Financial situations, the economy, and job loss are just a few of the contributing factors leading to this steady increase in entrepreneurs looking to become involved in the network marketing industry. The fact is 95% of those starting in the network marketing industry will fail if they do not find a solution to the three major problems being faced by beginner marketers. Let's go through the three major problems and how we offer the only solution possible.

The first is the consistent lack of qualified leads. Many that are starting in network marketing are soon beginning to realize that following in the recommendations of their recruiting affiliate and marketing to friends, family, strangers, holding at-home meetings, and pacing out flyers about their business opportunity does not necessarily target qualified prospects to join their team. Soon, these marketing techniques become a time consuming effort that does not consistently show results. The solution, a lead capture page that will sort out the tire kickers and bring only qualified entrepreneurs to your business that will continue to do so 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The second major problem is the lack of money or financing to get your business off of ground level. A quite serious issue if you're looking to build a business foundation on solid ground. Starting any business involves investing at least a minimal amount of funds in order to contribute to the initial start up, marketing campaigns, systems and software needed to run a profitable business. The solution is a system that will create an autopilot cash flow. This allows for monetizing those 95% of leads that will say no to your initial business opportunity and produce enough funding to contribute to your marketing expenses.

The third and final is the lack of marketing training and leadership. For those especially that are completely new to the network marketing industry and have no knowledge of sales, the lack of marketing training will be the difference between keeping up with the competition and staying left behind. It is very unfortunate that even some that have been in the industry for some years now still lack the knowledge to correctly market themselves, emphasis on themselves, and continue to market their business opportunity to everyone with a heartbeat. I strongly believe that the leadership involved has some responsibility in the success of their team members and in being educated in marketing correctly themselves in order to pass along their knowledge and make a higher contribution to their team. They obviously are not obligated to carry the entire burden of their team's success and should hold their team accountable for their own success if they have been trained correctly. The solution: A system in were training in every aspect of attraction marketing, personal branding, and relationship building is offered and updated on a weekly basis to keep you right alongside the competition and surpass their efforts leading you to success in your business and reaching those initial goals that were the reason for becoming an entrepreneur.

These three solutions are what we commit ourselves to give our team and to provide them with the utmost value in which they can pass forward, increasing their leadership qualities. For more information on what this system is and how you can apply it to your business, visit my bio.

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Pablo Gonzalez


Pablo Gonzalez, Expert Author, Professional Online Marketer, Proud DAD, and Former Business Failure turned success! Coming from blue-collar career, the decision to become an entrepreneur was life-changing. Now, Pablo dedicates his time to mentor and coach new entrepreneurs and those looking to become entrepreneurs on how to dominate in online marketing. Learn more about Pablo at .

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