Stop Chasing Your Dreams and Start Living Them

Have you been a victim of day dreaming? Everyone has. We all have a dream of a life we consider to be perfect. Having the perfect home, the perfect lifestyle, being able to travel the world, these are all lifestyle dreams we all have. To many, they seem as just that, a pipedream. But to a select few, those that have chosen to make a commitment to themselves, have dedicated their lives to living their dream lifestyle, and will not accept anything less than the best are the ones that have been able to achieve their dreams. Visualizing your perfect dream lifestyle is just as common as our daily thinking. We all spend a small amount of our days visualizing what it would be to not have to work job anymore, have to stress about bills, worry about not spending enough time with our families, and to just be able to live the abundant life we were all put on this beautiful earth for. Unfortunately, our minds tend to bring out all the negative situations causing many people to stay in their current lifestyles and just conform themselves with the unhappy life they live.

The opportunity to live a dream lifestyle is not just for a small amount of the earth's population. The chance to be able to enjoy life is there for all of us. The question is: Do you think you deserve it? Let me tell you the one thing that changed my way of thinking forever. As someone that comes from a middle class family, raised in one of the worst areas to live in, and brought up with little to no self-esteem, the decision to take control of my life wasn't that hard. I felt obligated to make the changes necessary in order to live the life I want, provide for my family above and beyond what was ever offered to me, and leave the life I had behind to go after my personal dream lifestyle. The opportunity for me to stop chasing my dream and start living it was always there for me. It just took life's hard punches to get me to realize it.

In order to stop chasing your dreams and start living them, you must realize what opportunities are available to you that life has put in your path. An opportunity to re-educate yourself, to become an entrepreneur, to surround yourself with others that share the same interests, personal experiences, and have developed the mindset of true leadership is available for you, right now! But you first must ask yourself: How bad do I want to live that dream that's always in my mind? How bad do I actually want to live the life I KNOW my family and I deserve? Am I willing to do whatever it honestly takes to become successful and take control of my life?

I can honestly tell you that there is no greater feeling in life than to know that no one else can control it for you. Becoming an entrepreneur, an expert author, and a mentor to many great leaders was something I never thought possible. My dream lifestyle came only when I made the decision for it to come. So again I ask you, are you ready to stop chasing you dreams and start living them?

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." - Buddhist Proverb.

To Living Your Dream,

Pablo Gonzalez


Pablo Gonzalez, Expert Author, Professional Online Marketer, Proud DAD, and Former Business Failure turned success! Coming from blue-collar career, the decision to become an entrepreneur was life-changing. Now, Pablo dedicates his time to mentor and coach new entrepreneurs and those looking to become entrepreneurs on how to dominate in online marketing. Learn more about Pablo at .

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