Are You Aware of the Darker Side of SEO?

Everyone who deals with online business is aware of the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). A straight forward explanation could be search engine optimization is the way to get the quality traffic at your website by maintaining the rank on the top of the search engine result page. This is the media which can help you to grow in online marketing / business.

All the time dealing with the positive consequences and gaining success in the web world, results into people unaware of the deadly consequences that the websites might face with the wrong concept of SEO. Like the every coin has two sides, the same way if SEO gives you various benefits then it can also turn your websites to the darkness leading to some heavy drawbacks that your website might go through. So, before pleasuring yourself with the joy of victory, it is important to know the darker side of search engine optimization.

The things that should be taken care of while optimizing the websites to make it search engine friendly can be termed as follows:

Wrong Selection of Keywords:

Almost all the SEO effort is visible with the choice of the keywords. Targeting the correct keyword is not only tough but it is important as, based on that keyword searching of website is performed by the web users. Use various keyword search tool in order to have the idea of the maximum searched keywords based on your business and then decide accordingly. The appropriate selection of keywords will play an important role to rank the website.

Flash File included Website without any Alternates:

While designing the website the flash files should be used in a lesser extent. The search engine crawlers can only read / find texts and not these graphic files. To enhance the searching process by the crawlers some alternate tags should be provided. In case the alternate tags are not provided then, your website will not be searched by the search engine crawlers. Ultimately you will loose ranking and which will affect your business.

Title Tag Ignorance:

A very common practice is, of leaving the title tag empty. It is not an error definitely but it could lead to problematic results. The title tag contains the keywords and it is visible in the search engine result page. So if the title text is missing your website will never attract visitors as, this text is responsible for describing the customers what your website is all about. Every page of the website should have a different title tag as the title text will describe the viewers about the page.

No Textual Content:

It does not matter how attractive is the design of the website, if your website lacks texts then it does not make any sense. The main thing is the crawling by the search engine. The search engine, can crawl the texts, so if the website is missing texts, then there arises the bad luck.

Usage of Java Scripts:

Using java scripts for navigation looks great as long as you realize that is can not be understand by the search engine. If using java scripts are so very important that one can not neglect it then make sure to generate the site map so that the whole site can easily be crawled.

Poor Maintenance of Websites:

Once the website is optimized completely, that does not mean that there is nothing to do any more. Everything is done. Optimizers should keep an eye over the site and modify it according to the ever changing ranking algorithms to acquire a better result.

Only Images in Headings:

An image looks great when used in headings undoubtedly. But the search engine demands the h1, h2 …tags. It might happen that you do not enjoy using these tags in that case, use them in a style sheet which can accomplish your dream.

Content Lacking Keywords:

While writing the contents, it is important to maintain the right keyword density and frequency in order to better optimization of the websites. Highlighting them creates a good impact.

All these crests should be taken care of while optimizing the websites, which could enhance the search criteria and can help in achieving good rank in the search engine result page and thereby getting good business.


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