Date Your Customers

Human society works based on relationships, different types of them with different rules that often overlap each other, and a business client relationship is no different, because in the end, it’s all about being on your clients mind. In a positive way of course.

So when we strip away all the fancy words and footwork and we get back down to basics, what any client wants is to be, well, wooed. And this has its own set of rule or rather guidelines since nothing is set in stone.

  • Speed-dating
Well speed-dating is quite possible the worst thing ever, but there is one concept that holds true: You got 15 minutes to make an impression. And it matters. Your objective is not to close the deal on the first time, it’s to get to a second date, where you can and must take more time to connect but first, make your initial contact with your customer memorable.

  • Play the Kite
Don’t be too clingy, too over-zealous. If your client senses your desperation it will just put them off, so you play the kiting game. Don’t let go too much so that the kite flies away, but if you have it on too short of a leash, it won’t fly at all. A little room to let things sink in, to mull over, and consult your pillow is always a good thing.

  • Use the Commitment Card
You aren’t looking for a one time affair, what you want is build a lasting, long term relationship that will grow and evolve as time passes. So center your conversations on what can be done now and what could happen tomorrow if you do.

  • Pick Up Lines…
…only if you know how. Sometimes something cheesy, when said at the right time in a specific way to the right person, it’s a total hit. Most of the times though? You might come off like a telemarketer and we all know how we feel about that. Speak sincerely, honest, promise big but attainable because a relationship built on lies won’t last. Prepare the topics and subjects you want to go over the next time you get together, and be flexible to change on the fly if you must.

  • Invest in Interest
Who doesn’t want to feel special, like that unique snowflake in the winter? You have to show them that you care, that you are interested in investing time to be with them and when you are, be completely focused on what you are doing. A good listener will go further than a good talker, because you need to know what your client needs in order to give them what they want.

Nothing is bulletproof and sometimes relationships don’t work out, and you have to know when to let go. Sometimes it’s a “no”, but sometimes it’s also a “not now” and it’s better to end in good terms so that maybe later on, there is still something left to build on.


Pamela Hilliard Owens, M.Ed., is a researcher, writer, editor, and small business marketing and communications consultant who knows that "It Matters How You Say It"! She is also an ESL (English as a Second Language) specialist who works with individuals, graduate and post-graduate students, small businesses and non-profits assisting them in reaching their short- and long-term communication goals. A former teacher and college instructor with students and clients in the United States, Canada, and ...

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