Three Goals for New Freelance Writers (Revised)

Consider these three goals as you pursue your freelance writing career: 1. Establish Credibility – Create your freelance identity by establishing a consistent marketing message describing your capabilities. Build your identity and personal brand around that message and include marketing collateral and a website.

2. Build a Portfolio – Create samples of the various styles of writing that are your specialties. If you don’t have enough work to showcase, contact potential clients and offer to write content for free or at reduced costs.

3. Build your Client Base – Become clear on your ideal client, and do not settle for “anybody who can pay”, but respect both high and low paying assignments because clients are a great referral source.

Transform the dreams for your freelance writing career into actual goals by writing them down and assigning them date-specific tasks. Give yourself time to fully develop each goal step-by-step: establish credibility, create an attractive portfolio of writing samples, and build your client base by developing relationships with your clients and meeting or exceeding their expectations and deadlines every time.

Time the time to make a plan for your career and formulate the exact goals that will lead you to your destination and your destiny. Success is definitely within your reach!


Pamela Hilliard Owens, M.Ed., is a researcher, writer, editor, and small business marketing and communications consultant who knows that "It Matters How You Say It"! She is also an ESL (English as a Second Language) specialist who works with individuals, graduate and post-graduate students, small businesses and non-profits assisting them in reaching their short- and long-term communication goals. A former teacher and college instructor with students and clients in the United States, Canada, and ...

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