Attitude always win over knowledge

McDonalds is a good value

The other day I visited McDonalds for lunch and it was very crowded at that time.

There was some 8-10 members of staff at the time ...

Whats fascinating me the most was that of those 8-10 persons it was 3 that made it float better.

Some are always new, or do not have quite as much experience but you can see a difference

between different employees.

Remember this the next time you are on a fast food restaurant.

McDonalds should recruit people to other companies too,

so good school, it is!

Attitude always win over knowledge

For each new contact I do, I can clearly see that this is the case.

We have had vacation on the company and before and after it is always a little extra to do.

Some of the staff make the best of the situation and say

"We do try and make the best of it"

Other complain over lot of work ...

Imagine the midst of a raging financial crisis!

Back to attitude, who do you think companies employ?


For exactly 17 years ago I wrote on the Internet about how I felt about sales and marketing. ( Swedish is my language ) It was new and the site was very popular and the visitors appreciated

what I wrote. I was a young salesman who worked for a certain type of goals. Today 17 years later Im working as a CEO and can look back and se that many have been achieved. The starting point was actually when a member of our family lost his job,and i started picking up material to try to encourag...

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