Offline Marketing for Website Promotion

Although website marketing is a proven and effective way of promoting your online business to a very large audience, offline promotion can be just as important. Business stationery items like postcards, business cards, brochures and even letterheads can attract attention and make people aware of what you have to offer.

Websites already have a built-in advantage when it comes to promoting their business offline. The website provides a place to lead potential customers who want more information about your products or services.

In describing the impact of offline marketing Ken Burke, CEO Multimedia Live in 2000, stated:

"...After site creation, it is imperative to drive traffic to your site … the method most often overlooked and underestimated is offline, or traditional marketing channels that have proven to be the most effective. A mistake made by many, is solely marketing e-commerce sites online..."

Implementing Offline Advertising

Combining offline and online marketing gives you a better well-rounded approach to promoting your website. Printed materials provide an excellent opportunity to get some viral marketing - the principle of networking by using local community is also an effective way of offline sales promotion.

Here are a few ideas that you might want to implement:

• Postcards - Overall an inexpensive marketing tool, postcards can really boost future sales. Postcards can be used to qualify leads, build repeat sales or maintain customer contact. Including your web address, email and phone number gives the appearance of a real bona fide business.

• Brochure Design - Brochures are an excellent way of educating customers about your products and services in detail. Brochures can be freely distributed or even mailed to increase awareness among end users.

• Traditional Advertising - If you have the budget, you can always advertise your online business in newspapers or in the Yellow Pages. Flyers, television commercials, press releases or advertising on the radio can be very helpful as well, albeit expensive.

A lot of online-based businesses forget about offline advertising, or simply believe because their business comes from the Web, they must exclusively advertise on the Web. What's important to keep in mind is that advertising is advertising - regardless of whether it’s done over the Internet as part of an email marketing campaign or on a postcard.


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