Why Many Website Fail to Deliver

Considering how important the Internet is to most businesses, and the amount of time, effort and money spent designing a website that is functional, one wonders why so many fail to deliver measurable business results.

These websites failed because they simply didn't do whatever it is they are supposed to do. The truth of the matter is anyone can build a website. Building a website that succeeds, however, is a different story.

The top reasons why most online business sites fail are:

• Visitors don't identify with the website - You need to know how to reach your customer. You need to know how you will convert your visitors into customers, and then find a way to turn them into repeat customers.

This means writing quality content they can identify with. The website content should be persuasive. It should create desire, build trust, help decide, and make taking action easy. The quality of the content is very important and deeply affects the success of the user experience.

• The website isn't ranking on the search engines – A well-designed website doesn't come with a line up of customers. Search engine optimization uses the search engines to bring potential customers to your website.

• Poor web design and structure – Web design is more than about creating a nice layout. A web design represents a business visually and will distinguish it from its competition.

The web design must also follow prescribed web standards of usability. Visitors must be able to easily understand how your site's information is structured and how to navigate your site. Structuring the site according to their needs is very important, especially for businesses that serve many different audiences.

• Lack of a marketing strategy - How will you tell people about your site: search engines, banner ads or offline ads, broadcast or print?

It is very important to promote your website aggressively. Some people often use offline advertising mediums such as newspapers, radio or direct mail to promote their websites. Though it has proved to be successful in certain cases, it would be better to advertise online instead, because that's where you will find your target audience.

Knowing why so many websites fail ensures you can build a site that attract potential customers and generates sales. And with smart, careful planning and a keen eye for details, you can outshine and outperform your competition.


Pat heads Azatiko Marketing, one of only a few Montreal SEO firms that are listed in the SEO Consultants Directory. Since 1999, Azatiko Marketing has been successfully developing and marketing websites from many different industries, ensuring every investment made by their clients generates a positive return. The dynamic team of web de...

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