5 Tips to Turn Prospects Into Clients

One of the biggest mistakes that I see fitness professionals make is paying little if any attention to their closing percentage. They work hard on getting their website up and running. They send out postcards and hold seminars – all in the hopes of generating leads. But the real name of the game is turning those leads into high paying clients.

Do you know what percentage of prospects you convert into clients?

Don’t guess.

Do you know the exact number?

If you don’t – start tracking that TODAY! Only then can you test other approaches in your quest to close more prospects and know if the changes you made are paying off.

Once you start tracking your numbers, here are 5 tips you can use to increase your closing percentage:

1. Define Your Uniqueness. You have to let prospects know EXACTLY why they should do business with you instead of the trainer at 24 Hour Fitness, join Curves, enroll in Weight Watchers or buy the Ab Lounger. Saying you get results isn’t enough. Do you think they say they don’t’?

2. Have Social Proof. If you have a studio, put up a ‘Wall of Fame.’ If you work in a club or in homes, create a testimonial book. Use testimonials in your marketing so prospects are pre-sold. Help people feel confident that you are the solution to their problem(s) by showing them you were already the solution to other people problems that might have been similar.

3. Use a script. Once you find the best way to sell your service, why change it? You don’t necessarily have to say the same thing word for word – prospects are all different. But have a scripted format that you follow with a logical sequence of questions that get the prospect talking.

4. Shut Up. Let the prospect do 75% of the talking. Ask lots of open ended questions and let the prospect reveal their ‘pain’ to you.

5. Sell on Value. Not price. People want a good deal and to be treated fairly – but they don’t mind paying for results (you do get great results, right?) If you’re the cheapest alternative – raise your prices or look in the mirror and ask why you aren’t worth more. Once you recognize the value you deliver – then raise your prices.

While these 5 tips might not seem like much, they are often the difference between closing the sale and getting that dreaded ‘Let me think about it.’ Go back through them again and decide how you can start implementing them into your sales process and your business. You’ll be rewarded with more clients and bigger package sales as soon as you do.


Pat Rigsby M.S. is the co-owner of several businesses in the fitness industry including the Fitness Consulting Group and the International Youth Conditioning Association. He also serves as a health club consultant focusing on the development of profitable personal training departments and youth fitness programs. His coaching and products have helped hundreds of fitness professionals and club owners dramatically improve their personal training revenues and grow their businesses. Pat has been invo...

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