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In my last article, An Open Letter To : Direct Sales Consultant, Direct Selling Business Owners On How To Triple Home Party Sales we laid the foundation for improving direct selling ratios . Today we are going to focus our minds of increasing and improving home party sales ratios. This will lead to more home party sales and direct sales profit!

There are 5 ratios that will factor into your tracking:

1. Dialing/Contact Ratio : How may dials and/or contacts to do you make a week?

The Home Party Booking & Appointment Ratio -- Of the people you do connect with or have a conversation with, how many of them book an in home party appointment?

2. The Hosting/At Home Party Show Ratio -- Of those who make the appointment, how many actually showed.

3. The Close Ratio -- Of those who showed, how many of those resulted in home party sales? In other words how many people made a purchase?

4. Follow Up & Follow Through Ratio : How often to you follow up with those have exressed an interest but haven’t nailed a time or place? What about those that show up to a home party and don’t purchase? The are sales waiting to happwn. Don’t drop the ball because you got a no or a not now.

The most powerful direct sales training tips I ever got were from a man name Jeffery Zalweski “the power of 45”.

To get on the right track you must first set some benchmarks. For example, depending on what you are selling and how frequently people buy what you're selling, set a target amount of people to speak to per day.

I recommend a 10 a day regimen. Most people will tell you that sales is a numbers game and they are right about that. Problem is what numbers count? Make it about quality not quantity! Make 10 dials/per day or 10 -15 contacts/day

Then, set a benchmark for the number of people you want to make an appointment with and finally a bench mark for the number or amount of home party sales you would like.

Start each day by tabulating/documenting exactly what happens. That will give you a rough idea of what your ratios look like.

The Appointment Ratio - 30% (If you speak to 10 people, 3 will make an appointment)

The Show Ratio - 50% (If you make an appointment with 10 people, 5 will show)

The Close Ratio 50% - (If you present to 10 people 5 will buy).

Based on these ratios, to get 3 sales per day, you would need to contact 40 people per day. Of those 40, 12 would make an appointment, 6 would show and 3 would buy.

As you put this process in place, you will see what your true ratios are, but it's at the very least a starting point.

As time goes on, you will also begin to figure out how many calls you need to make each day to reach 40 people. Perhaps for every 5 calls you make, you speak to one person. This would means you need to make 200 calls per day. It sounds like a lot but for an 8 hour day, it's only 25 calls per hour.

Here is the best news ever, with time you will notice an interesting phenomenon, that once you improve your appointment ratio, you will need to speak to less people to make the same amount of money. Or you could speak to the same amount of people and make more money.

In either case, you will be in a better position to be successful in direct sales, once you start learning direct selling ratios and managing your home party business based on real time numbers and not hear-say or upline advice.

Today I offer you the gift of tracking which will enhance your sales performance by elevating your ability to target, connect and focus on getting these ratios. This important step of tracking is about increasing home party sales and becoming a 6-Figure home party consultant.

Myself, and Ann Sieg, the Renegade Network Marketer, top notch sales people and others who are successful have been using these strategies for years.


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