Sales Training – Salespeople Use Kindness Day to Sidestep Sales Anxieties


Sales Training – Salespeople Use Kindness Day to Sidestep Sales Anxieties

Many salespeople reluctant to sell might find November 13th, World Kindness Day, a gentle way to network without expectations. It is a holiday celebrated worldwide. Anyone in sales will be able to do random acts of kindness anywhere for anyone including customers, prospects, friends, family and any stranger. Consider this an exercise to help you feel the freedom to be kind without any agenda; just be kind. Some random acts to consider:

- Pick up the tab for someone’s lunch at a restaurant without them knowing.

- Visit an animal shelter to see if you can help the volunteers.

- An old idea and most appropriate is to pay the toll for the person behind you.

- If you walk by or park near parking meters, find one to put money in that is showing the time is about to expire.

- Take some baked goods to your local fire department: my husband did this one year and the people loved it!

- Let someone else go ahead of you when in line at the bank, grocery store or some other shopping place.

- Send a card to your doctor’s receptionist just to say you appreciate them.

- Smile at anyone you see today.

- You know all those coffee mugs that you have received at meetings? Donate your extra ones to a church.

- Call up a friend or two to do some good deed as a small group.

- Hug all your friends you get together with today.

- Get up early on a Saturday, brew some coffee and call some neighbors over to join you for a cup. One of my neighbors went from house to house with a full thermos on our street one year.

Any act of kindness will bring a smile on someone’s face on the worldwide holiday. This idea for salespeople is to clear your self of being afraid of rejection. There is not a thing you need to expect in return with these random acts of kindness. You only need to act, it will be fun and you will rev up your positive energy. Who knows, maybe you might even attract an unexpected benefit. Salespeople, take your kindness to the world today.


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