Don’t Wait--Stop Procrastinating Now!

1. Get yourself to show up and just get started. Oftentimes, setting something into motion is the most imposing hurdle; once you kick it into gear, you’re able to continue and follow through with ease. Remind yourself that the brief moments of angst at the beginning are worth the longevity of your action’s benefits.

“Remind yourself that the brief moments of angst at the beginning are worth the longevity of your action’s benefits.”

2. Go through the motions, even if they’re done imperfectly.
The adage “practice makes perfect” applies here. Unless you’re a surgeon, don’t be discouraged by the possibility of doing something wrong. The more you do it, the easier it will become; eventually, you’ll be able to execute it without hesitation. This can apply to any situation, from negotiations to running a mile. Focus on being better than you were last week, last month, last year, etc. 3. Do it now! Do it now! Do it now! Instill a sense of urgency into the situation. There are a limited number of hours in a day, days in a week and weeks in your lifetime. The moment to act is the present one. Nike hit the nail on the head when they coined the phrase “Just do it.”

4. Get a “gym buddy” to be your accountability partner. It’s much easier to justify our actions (or lack thereof) when we only answer to ourselves. Recruiting someone to act as the angel on your shoulder enables them to keep you accountable for your actions (or lack thereof) and motivates you to vocalize and live up to expectations. Maui coaches serve as great accountability partners, not just as great business mentors.

5. Use your mastermind group and make a realistic commitment. Take #4 to a higher level and verbalize your goals to your mastermind group. You’ll have to answer to not one, but multiple people—chances are that even if one person forgets, at least two others won’t. If you don’t have a mastermind group, scout around your area and meet business leaders with similar goals and approaches via networking events, conferences, etc.

6. Set a cool reward for yourself. Any type of incentive, small or large, gives you that much more motivation to fulfill your goals and gives the impending task a positive spin.

7. Make it a game. To give your objective a different kind of positive spin, focus on making the journey enjoyable and not just the reward. Try to engage in the situation from a unique perspective—pull from the imagination of your childhood if need be, when a living room floor was lava and a cardboard box was a mansion. Set a date and put the “win” on your calendar, too. Share your wins with others who support you—your successes are inspirational and contagious.

8. Get clear on what you are really afraid of, accept that possibility and get on with your life. We are all human and fear is a natural, inherent response to many things. Many triggers, however, are related to our own uncertainty about the future and our capabilities. When we can embrace those fears as opportunities to learn more about ourselves and our output, the path to success becomes much clearer.

9. Develop your integrity to the place that when you speak it, you do it. Avoid the mindset that your goals can be forgotten or discarded without anyone noticing. Instead, tell yourself that every goal, major or minor, places you in a position where others will look up to you and anticipate your follow-through. Say your goals out loud, write them down and say that you will do something, not that you intend to or would like to do something.

10. Learn to become more committed to your integrity than to your comfort zone. Think of your comfort zone as a cocoon and your integrity as a pair of wings. You don’t want to stay inside of a cocoon your whole life, do you? You can only fly if you have strong, steady wings to keep you afloat.

Adopting some of these ten tips will help you eradicate procrastination from your daily life and, ultimately, take your business to greater heights.


Patty DeDominic, CEO and Managing Partner at DeDominic & Associates is an accomplished entrepreneur who was named CEO of the Year by the Los Angeles Business Journal, inducted into the Women's Business Owners Hall of Fame, is the former Chairperson of the Foundation for SCORE, and a former President of the National Association of Women Business Owners. In 1991 DeDominic acquired CT Engineering and grew it, and her other company PDQCAREERS, into one of California's top employers with a staff...

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