Persistence versus Resistance and You

How does perseverance and adversity play a role in your life? Are you proactive or reactive regarding potential roadblocks in your journey in life? How does persistence affect you on a daily basis? How does resistance affect you on a daily basis? What are the benefits to you and your loved ones if you do persevere? What are the benefits of overcoming opposition consistently for you and the people you love and care about and for? In this article I am not going to reveal to you some magic formula for perseverance and overcoming obstacles in your life, ultimately that begins and ends within you. I simply will describe my personal views regarding steadfastness and facing adversity, and maybe in some way you can benefit and apply them in your life experiences starting today.

Why do you endeavor to persevere? Is it strictly to pacify your own wants, ego and desires? If it is, that may be very selfish, myopic and self centered. Here is a suggestion. You may want to persevere because the outcome will have a monumental beneficial effect on not only you, but also on the people you love, care about, and care for, and can potentially influence positively people you don't know in some form, which is a beautiful thing. Once you include your loved ones as one of your reasons to persevere and overcome adversity your steadfastness becomes even more fortified and meaningful.

There are two types of perseverance. There is no gray area or middle ground. The first type is positive in nature, and the second type is negative in nature. The first type consists of constantly facing adversity and not acquiescing in pursuit of a worthwhile positive goal. The steadfastness continues "without exception" until the desired goal is attained. The second type consist of constantly avoiding adversity or consistently choosing the path of least resistance for whatever reasons, and consistently remaining in the quagmire of negativity, mediocrity, listlessness, under achievement, regression, boredom, stagnation, and cowardice, to name a few negative results or consequences. Which is your type of perseverance? Do you give up after several feeble and half-hearted attempts, after encountering some form of opposition? Or do you have the "heartset" (intestinal fortitude) and mindset "to persist without exception"?

You can be proactive regarding oncoming obstacles. You can also be reactive. Being proactive is expecting challenges and obstacles and having a plan or plans to deal with them as they occur. Preplanning your courses of actions when anticipating obstacles in your path, will prove to be indispensable. In pursuit of your goals, sometimes there will be some curve balls thrown at you and you must react. In other words, an unexpected form of opposition will seemingly come out of nowhere. When this occurs, put on your "persevere without exception" face on and deal with it, no matter how large or small it may be.

In summary being able to be steadfast and overcome any and all obstacles when pursuing your magnanimous goals ultimately lies within you. Nothing replaces perseverance in your private and personal war against adversity. Expect and preplan for opposition. Hold steadfastly "without exception", and your ultimate achievement will not only benefit you, but also the ones you love, care about, and care for. Always be aware of the undeniable fact, that you have an indomitable human spirit within you, which perseveres and can overpower any obstacle in your passionate journey in life. The choice is yours to embrace this spirit or ignore it. If you feel you benefited from reading this article, tell a loved one, a friend, or whoever to read it also.


Paul Lucius Brooks is a graduate of Niagara University, class of 1975. Paul has over 35 years experience of sales, marketing and customer service. Paul is the proud single parent of two young sons. Paul is the founder and CEO of Entrepreneur Marketing 3.0.  For more info visit  You can also follow Paul on Twitter.

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