Chill Out Guide to Perfect Presentations

Dress to suit your audience and check your equipment and resources (electrical/notes,etc) prior to your presentation.

Introduce yourself, clearly state your objective and how and why your subject matter will benefit the people in your audience.

Start with a funny story or funny picture to relax your audience, do not forget to smile, a smiling face goes a long way. Important note: make the funny story relative to your presentation and audience making sure that, you do not offend anyone.

know your material and subject matter inside and out, this will give increased confidence and more relaxed, helping you keep you in control, should anything go wrong.

We all feel nervous before our presentation, use it to your advantage, tell yourself that you feel nervous, because of the excitement you feel about your subject matter and how your material will greatly benefit the people in your audience.

Have a glass of water handy, just in case you get a dry mouth or cough.

Keep your slides to a minimum. Maximum of 3 to 4 points/headings per slide.

Excellent time management is essential, overrunning is not an option. Before you start confirm your timings always have a watch handy.

Have good eye contact with your audience, not to often to make it look weird, but all over your audience, maximum of 3 to 4 seconds of eye contact with each person you happen to pick out.

Finish with a great summary, highlighting the key points to remember and why, link back to your funny introduction if possible. And thank the audience for their time.

Chill out and enjoy presenting. regards, PJ


P.J.Stevens, (alias, Paul Butler) Outstanding Author & Publisher of the highly rated "Chill Out Guide To Successful Selling". Having been totally immersed within the sales environment for over 28 years, experiencing all the highs and lows that go with it. The last six years dedicated to sales skills training, for one of the worlds most successful corporate companies. Responsible for delivering and development of sales skills to all the direct and indirect sales force within UK and Europe. ...

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