Customer benefits are the key to success

How many times have you wondered why you did not get the person to buy your idea or product, too many I bet and yes I know the feeling, it causes great pain and a severe lack of funds.

It always comes down to planning and preparation, before you even talk to your customer think through all the related benefits of your product and services. Think about different business sectors and industry types and what features of your products/services would help the businesses you visit to achieve success. Before you discuss your products/services with your customer understand their key drivers, both, business and personal and then relate the benefits to their key drivers, it's important that you get them interested and in the mood to buy. Remember people like to buy not to be sold to, it's that simple, if only, but it's great way of helping you to become successful in your sales role. As always, if you are not to sure of the benefits speak to your team members or Marketing people and find out ASAP.

Have fun and do not forget to smile when your selling. regards, PJ


P.J.Stevens, (alias, Paul Butler) Outstanding Author & Publisher of the highly rated "Chill Out Guide To Successful Selling". Having been totally immersed within the sales environment for over 28 years, experiencing all the highs and lows that go with it. The last six years dedicated to sales skills training, for one of the worlds most successful corporate companies. Responsible for delivering and development of sales skills to all the direct and indirect sales force within UK and Europe. ...

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