How to have a great day

It's easy, just before you go to sleep think through what tasks and actions you need to complete for the next day. Take them one at a time, seeing yourself completing each task and action with ease and enjoy the feeling that goes with it, say to yourself what a great day it's going to be, fill yourself with inner happiness and satisfaction of what is to come during the next day.

And just by chance you do not complete some of your tasks, there is a genuine reason why you were unable to complete, so just roll it over and make it an action for the following day as you think it through the next night, do not beat yourself up about it, just enjoy life and be happy, chill out and relax. Regards, PJ


P.J.Stevens, (alias, Paul Butler) Outstanding Author & Publisher of the highly rated "Chill Out Guide To Successful Selling". Having been totally immersed within the sales environment for over 28 years, experiencing all the highs and lows that go with it. The last six years dedicated to sales skills training, for one of the worlds most successful corporate companies. Responsible for delivering and development of sales skills to all the direct and indirect sales force within UK and Europe. ...

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