The 7 magic ingredients to become a winner at selling

Number One. KNOWLEDGE, know what you are selling inside and out and read books on sales and life coaching.

Number Two. LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF, tell yourself that you love and approve of yourself everyday, use a mirror and incantations.

Number Three. GET FIT, get to your ideal weight, by exercise and eating the right food.

Number Four. HAVE FUN, do not take life to seriously.

Number Five. TAKE TIME OUT, spent time with your family and friends and treat yourself.

Number Six. TAKE CONTROL, get your life sorted, be consistant with actions you take, creat goals that will want to achieve, write them down and study them everyday and do what you say you are going to do, don't dither, be strong and concise.

Number Seven. BECOME AN INSPIRATION. actively listen to the people you meet, smile, strive to make other peoples life's better in everyway, either through sales or recommendations.

Have fun keep smiling regards, PJ


P.J.Stevens, (alias, Paul Butler) Outstanding Author & Publisher of the highly rated "Chill Out Guide To Successful Selling". Having been totally immersed within the sales environment for over 28 years, experiencing all the highs and lows that go with it. The last six years dedicated to sales skills training, for one of the worlds most successful corporate companies. Responsible for delivering and development of sales skills to all the direct and indirect sales force within UK and Europe. ...

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