The Power to Influence People

It can be very demoralising to you as an individual when you actually believe that you are hounded by bad luck or you think you are not good enough or you feel less important than the people you speak to and you end up getting tongue tied and feeling uncomfortable. It's time to make the change and get rid of all that crap and negative thoughts you are always thinking about.

It's a negative loop, this is how it works, you think of doing something, you do it, then you decide what actions to take, once you have the outcome, your belief system kicks in, you then know if it was a good experience or a bad one and if you have fulfilled your original thought.

Once you have the outcome it is locked into your belief system for later use. The trouble is if you have poor advice or poor training and you end up failing a few times, your belief systems starts to register that you are always going to fail and then that effects your original thinking because you base that upon your self belief, hope this is not too confusing.

That's when you need to break the pattern, because if you keep doing the same routine you will always get the same outcome and the feeling that you are not good enough.

So here we go, STOP right there and re-start your thought patterns.

Time to change, when you now want to do something, do not think that the outcome will be the same as always and that's failure, think about positive thoughts and being successful, imagine yourself being successful and confident.

Now when you think of doing something get prepared and think it through, imagine what results you want to achieve, think about the actions you need take to ensure you get the results you need to get where you want to be and then make sure you take the actions you need to succeed. When you succeed your self belief system starts to feel positive and you feel good about yourself. Then you need to keep thinking and visualizing what you want to do and see yourself being successful by your actions. In time your self belief system will change from being negative to positive, your self confidence will then flourish in everything you do.

Start with small successes then build up to bigger and better successes. Start to read books on motivation and subjects that are key to you reaching your objectives in life.

Preparation is the key to everything you do, you will then start to have the power to influence people and get where you want to be. Smile and relax and make it happen, Regards, PJ


P.J.Stevens, (alias, Paul Butler) Outstanding Author & Publisher of the highly rated "Chill Out Guide To Successful Selling". Having been totally immersed within the sales environment for over 28 years, experiencing all the highs and lows that go with it. The last six years dedicated to sales skills training, for one of the worlds most successful corporate companies. Responsible for delivering and development of sales skills to all the direct and indirect sales force within UK and Europe. ...

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