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Whether personally or professionally, at home or at work, life is marked by tectonic shifts in what was once the norm. Over the course of the last eighteen months, some of our nation’s strongest financial powerhouses have been shaken to the core, a few to the point of extinction. Those remaining have had to transform their business model to contend with a global financial storm. For many households, primary income sources were lost overnight, mortgage rates soared, home heating oil, natural gas and pump prices rocketed to unprecedented highs. Many are just hanging on. The world has changed, and the days of old are certainly gone forever.

Our choice today is shrink back from the nightmare, recoil in fear and trepidation, or assess the world at face value and adapt. I am here to tell you that those who are best equipped to move forward and rebuild their lives to a higher standard are those who can readily accept the changes we see. Sure, the cradle-to-grave career is a dying entity as the movement of jobs to foreign soil has stymied domestic production and limited career advancement. But, keep in mind that, as the global economy suffers, global population continues to grow, and with that comes demand. The recession is just that...a natural ebb and flow of economic forces. Equilibrium is sought, and stability will return, because an ever growing global consumer base demands it.

You might ask, where does that leave me? What about the fact that I lost my job, my home, and my pension? What now? It demands a like shift in mindset. It is widely known that the next generation of millionaires will have its foundation set deep in the Internet. Online income and profit opportunities are seemingly infinite. The web has flattened the globe like no other medium, and it presents incredible opportunity for a home business. Online home based income opportunities are growing exponentially, and your opportunity is literally at your fingertips! After all, many of us travel with our laptop notebooks, and to earn money online, virtually nothing else is needed. That’s what I call low overhead cost.

The key to Internet success in marketing is not as much the product as it is the exposure and presence. Funneling traffic to your site is the main goal of any online campaign. With an audience of 1.5 billion people, learning how to make oneself and one’s product easily found online is what the game is all about. Web exposure and large profits enjoy a linear relationship. Developing a strong knowledge base of how search engines rank articles and ads is of paramount importance. Regardless of the strength of your product, if you lack web advertising savvy, you will fail. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a term with which you must become intimately familiar, as it is a cornerstone of a successful web presence in promoting your new home based business on the web. So, while you identify the product niche you want to pursue, be ever mindful that you must learn the art of creating your online presence to maximize exposure. The Internet is teeming with articles and tools to teach and strengthen your SEO campaign. The deeper you drill down in your searches, the more you will discover. Just remember, it's not as much the product as it is the exposure.

There are a few key points to be mindful of as you set up your advertising campaign. Paid advertising, while highly useful, can also break your bank if you aren't schooled in the details of how the service functions. The major search engines offer advertising on a PPC (pay per click or pay per impression) basis. This can run up hundreds or thousands of dollars per month if you aren't fully familiar with the ad setup parameters. Read and learn before you buy. Start out low and build your way toward a reasonable budget. Otherwise, you'll find that you've spent hundreds a day fully unaware that the devil was in the details of how you set your budget parameters. Second, run two ads simultaneously and each month, review your ad stats to determine the stronger of the two, and throw out the other. Establish a new second ad, and do the same after one month. This is a process, known as split testing, is something you should engage in every month, and it ensures a steady increase in success. Lastly, perform a search for your own product, and look at the first five to ten results listed. Learn what the competition is doing to rank high on the search results. Again, it's the exposure and not always the product that drives traffic to your site. There is a lot to learn about how to effectively advertise on the web, but a solid, sustained effort will produce huge results as you refine your skills. Millions are shifting from salaried work to earning an income online right from home. What separates the winners from the losers, in most cases, are advertising skills.

Dare to live a richer, more fulfilling life!



An Air Force jet pilot and commercial airline pilot, Paul has realized his childhood dream of flying jets. The world is rapidly changing, and to thrive and succeed in gaining financial freedom, Paul has turned his sights to the Internet where opportunities for wealth and financial gain are many. Paul's home based business markets a uniquely developed level one online direct marketing platform designed to take so much of the dirty work of lead generation and website presence development out of th...

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