Retail Buyers - How to Sell Your New Product to Major Retail Stores

Hey Mr. or Mrs. Retail Buyer, Please Check out my new product. I promise that you are going to love it. Retail Buyers are becoming immune to the constant touting of new products and are limiting their availability to be reached by potential vendors. Getting the Attention of a Buyer is getting extremely difficult as thousands of new product manufacturers are trying to sell them on why their product should be apart of their assortment and not realizing that they all sound alike.

Calling a Major Retailer or Big Box Retailer and asking to speak with a Category Buyer is now the thing of the past.

Retail Buyers have gatekeepers and auto responding voice mails to keep potential vendors at a distance.

Buyers feel that if you have a great product, then they will or should have seen it. If it's really as good as you say, then you should not be calling them and they should be contacting you.

What can you do to bypass the road blocks that are set up to reach a category manager?

How can you get them to look at your product and call you?

Tips to Attract a Retail Buyers attention and set you apart from the other Screaming Vendors

1.) Find a current vendor that has a relationship with the retail buyer that is willing to present your product to the buyer.

2.) Find a way to get the buyer out of his office either by taking them to lunch or presenting your product in a hotel room so you can bypass the typical office distraction. Buyers are looking for a good reason to get out of the office.

3.) Send the Assistant buyer or gatekeeper a sample of your product with press releases talking about how good your product is. Ask the gatekeeper what they think about your product and if they could present it to the buyer. The buyer will always listen to a person that protects them from screaming vendors trying to steal a piece of their time.

4.) Get in contact with a broker or sales representative that has a relationship with the retail buyer. It is much easier getting your product presented to a buyer when it is through someone that has the buyers personal cell phone number. It's just like asking me to walk across the street and present a product to the COO of 7-Eleven. I bet I can get your product to the buyer faster than anyone else.

Now that you got your product in front of the retail buyer and have their full attention, there are going to be hundreds of questions that need to be asked and answered.

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