Tradeshow Marketing - How To Optimize Your Tradeshow Experience

Attending a tradeshow with hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of attendees can be nerve racking.

Hundreds of exhibitors will be screaming to get attendees attention in their new product or idea.

In order for you to have a successful tradeshow, you have to get buyers into your booth and interested in your new product.

One of the best reasons for attending a tradeshow is that All your targeted buyers are in one location and they are interested in finding a new product that will boost their business.

3 Preshow Marketing Tips To Get A Buyer To Visit Your Booth

  • Call the retail buyer directly and personally invite them to visit your booth.
  • Send the buyer a personal email with your booth #, you should also offer them an incentive for committing to visit your booth.
  • Have a salesrep visit the retail buyer and invite them to visit your booth.
Just sending a mass email to a bunch of buyers letting them know you are exhibiting at a tradeshow could be a waste of time because they might not receive your email due to their spam filter.

If you send an email to a retail buyer, make sure you personalize the email because it will make the buyer feel special and that will motivate them to visit your booth.

Calling a retail buyer and personally inviting them to visit your booth is probably the best way to get a commitment from the buyer to visit your booth.

If you have a salesrep that has a relationship with the retail buyer, then have the rep stop by their office and personally invite the buyer.

Taking the initiative to personally invite a buyer to your booth shows the buyer that you are committed to being a good vendor.

Getting a buyer to commit to visiting your booth before the show will allow you to stand out from all the other exhibitors fighting to get a buyer to spend time learning about their product.

You won't have to rely on spending thousands of dollars on booth designs or marketing gimmicks to get a buyer to stop at your booth.

The buyer that has committed to stop by your booth will be able to spend more valuable time learning more about your product because they have penciled you in on their agenda.

Now that you are able to know exactly what buyer will be visiting your booth, you will be able to develop a peronsalized pitch that will have more effect to get the buyer interested in your product.

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