The Temporal Dependence of a VC's "No"

If Marc doesn't stop writing such great posts I'm going to personally hunt him down and unplug his Macbook. It's making the rest of us look like unthinking layabouts.

Anyway, here he is with a new entry on the temporal dependence of a VC's "no":

Being told "no" by VCs in 1999 is a lot different than being told "no" in 2002.

If you were told "no" in 1999, I'm sure you're a wonderful person

and you have huge potential and your mother loves you very much, but

your plan really was seriously flawed.

If you were told "no" in 2002, you probably actually were the next

Google, but most of the VCs were hiding under their desks and they just

missed it.


Dr. Kedrosky is currently the Executive Director of the William J. von Liebig Center in San Diego, California. Using an innovative seed capital program, the Center catalyzes the commercialization of technologies from the internationally-ranked University of California, San Diego. Dr. Kedrosky is also a venture investor with Ventures West, Canada's largest institutional venture capital firm, where he is most active in consumer technologies and software. He is currently on the board of Marqui Cor...

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