How to choose online storage services or cloud storage?

In a time, when the need for data storage increasing, users say and expect the ability to access the information from anywhere and through any device, not surprising to see the demand of online storage services often known as online hard drives is increasing rapidly.

Data storage services provide a safe and flexible environment for any business or professional to save their documents and information, guaranteed access at any time, merely by having an internet connection.

These online storage services allow you to set different user profiles with different permissions, because you might have people in your account who just have to consult other information, and you should be able to edit it as per the updates. In addition, the greatest advantage of these services is that it does not require any additional hardware (USB sticks or Portable hard drives), ensuring security and privacy when you save and share relevant data.

Even when they are comfortable to share files securely, it can be password protected, in a safer environment of a physical device, since data is stored encrypted on the website as it has all the necessary safety resources as 24x7 staff, antivirus, anti-incursion systems, etc…

The flexibility to expand or reduce the capacity when needed is another of its main advantages over traditional hard drives.

How to make a right decision?

There are several aspects that the user of an online storage service should evaluate before choosing the provider. As for the technical specifications of the service, you have to analyze the following points:

  • What is its flexibility and storage capacity?
  • Where is exactly the information stored?
  • Are the communications available to download safely?
  • Will you have access to the online storage via FTP from any device?
  • Is the file sharing system protected by password or user profiles?
  • Does the service offer better connectivity for uploading and downloading of data?
In the case of professional or business user, a service must be qualified, whether in storage or any other cloud-based solution (infrastructure, platform or software). You should also know that:

  • Whether the cloud hosting provider has its own infrastructure and technology or not?
  • If they offer customer service, thought what channels they offer it?
  • Where they are actually located in order to facilitate compliance with protection data?
Keep in mind that when a company moves business data to the online storage, the storage service provider must facilities everything that is required as well as the need to maintain the trust between them.

The fear of risk of data loss

One of the fears of users before using such kind of services is the possibility of data loss. How this obstacle can be conquered? If you think about it carefully, you will notice this is a completely baseless fear; the product itself has the ability to assert the security. Data stored on an online storage are always available and do not spoil or lost as it can happen with a USB memory or a traditional hard disk. The information is stored in data centers that have the strictest security measures (physical, computer, connectivity, etc…), technologies based on cloud computing platforms are not dependent on a single machine, and systems are monitored 24x7.

In short, any risk that is created there to talk about a cloud solution, is due more to the type of service provider and the user chooses which the concept of the cloud itself, which, when the truth is more safe and comfortable because there is no dependence on a physical device.

The cloud, an upward trend

What is clear is that cloud storage is a trend that more and more users use. Besides the convenience of a flexible access to information without relying on physical device, it is a more economical, as the user has to pay only for the resources utilized.

Yes, remember that, when we talk about companies with big data storage requirements, the perfect solution is cloud based storage rather than the traditional online storage options, because cloud based storage solution can easily integrate with enterprise IT systems among other features, to configure backup policies easier than in a local environment.


Paul Lopez, a technology writer and sales & marketing executive at, a cloud & dedicated server hosting company based in New Jersey.

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