Why Do It Yourself When You Can Still Get Grants For Loft Insulation?

So if it's cold, better to wear a hat (and trousers and jumpers and shoes). And the same goes for your home. You should install Loft Insulation (and Cavity Wall Insulation, and draft excluders). However, there is a big difference between a hat and Loft Insulation. There are grants for Loft Insulation - you can't get a grant for a hat.

Why install Loft Insulation?

Since 2004, domestic energy bills have gone up by a staggering 75%. And more is to come. The Government watchdog, Ofgem, have warned that the wholesale price for gas is likely to increase by 13% by next spring, leading to average annual gas bills alone going up by about £81 to £706.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, a family heating their home with a gas boiler central heating system will save between £40 and £145 from Loft Insulation depending upon how much Loft Insulation is already in place.

Thinking of doing it yourself?

Why bother when you can access generous grants for Loft Insulation.

Depending upon your circumstances, you may be able to get your Loft Insulation installed free of charge. Otherwise, the most you could expect to pay would be around £149. So here are a few reasons why you should take advantage of the grants for Loft Insulation, and get a professional to do it:

1. Insulating a loft yourself could take you most of a day. A professional installer can complete the work in around an hour.

2. Lofts are dark, cramped and dangerous. There is a very good chance that you may:

• bang your head - (painful)

• put your foot through the ceiling - (costly and time consuming to put right)

• fall through the ceiling - (painful, costly and even more time consuming to put right)

• damage your pipe work - (potentially very costly when you have to get an emergency plumber out)

• Disturb electrical cabling - (you don't want to go there!)

3. Lofts tend also be dirty, dusty places. Not healthy places to be without a mask to prevent you inhaling dust or maybe tiny particles of old Loft Insulation.

4. Laying new insulation can cause irritation and itchy skin

Grants for Loft Insulation = a professional job

Instead of doing it yourself, access the available grants for Loft Insulation, and get a professional in. Remember, the amount you pay will also cover the cost of:

• lagging your pipes & tanks

• draught proofing & insulating the loft hatch

• fitting a walk board to a cold water tank

So even if you manage to avoid putting your foot through the ceiling or damaging your pipe work/electrics, by the time you have added up all these extra costs, you'll find you haven't saved that much money. And unless you are a seasoned DIY enthusiast, the quality of your finished job will probably not be up to the same standard.


EnergyLink Ltd. are a company that have arranged thousands of full and partial grants for cavity wall insulation and loft insulation for people throughout the UK. Grants are provided for all home-owners and private tenants, 100% full grants for the over 70's and people on certain benefits, and 40% - 70% for others. EnergyLink Ltd also arrange Government grants for Home Insulation, Feed In Tariffs for

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