Virus Attacks Online Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs will be an endangered species if this pervasive virus continues to spread unchecked. Unsuspecting entrepreneurs are caught in its grip and are slowly but surely being consumed by this deadly virus. Highly contagious, this virus is spread in much the same way that a computer virus spreads from one system to the other.

The initial symptoms are so subtle, while the virus establishes itself, that only very observant colleagues would even notice. Low energy levels, irritability, decreased attention and focus which leads to confusion, are the first indication that something is wrong. Symptoms are often attributed to a bad day or a short night of sleep.

The virus works its way into the heart of the entrepreneur and attacks the very core of their being. Uncertainty leads to indecision and inaction. Belief starts to wane ending in a downward spiral. Disillusioned and defeated the career of the entrepreneur ends.

Sound familiar? Well you're right it isn't a virus but it may as well be. Working online has been epitomized as the best way for the average person to make their fortune. Affiliate programs have sprung up for almost every product or service imaginable. Unfortunately the business opportunity that has the nicest looking webpage or the best advertising is not necessarily the best way to make money online.

Thousands upon thousands of entrepreneurs world wide have tried their hand at online marketing. Only a small percentage of these home based business builders have reached the level of success they hoped for. Part of the problem is companies promise more than they can deliver and entrepreneurs expect to get something for nothing.

Turn key business opportunities promise instant success and give the impression you just pay your money and you will start earning immediately. In reality that just doesn't happen. You get a nice business package but you have to make it work and that means implementing effective marketing strategies. You still have to turn the key, build momentum and drive your business opportunity to the top.

Marketing online is a learning curve. The more you learn and implement the strategies, the closer you will come to success. There is no get rich quick and there are no free rides. Building a business online, or off, is a 3-5 year commitment.

Aligning yourself and being active with like minded entrepreneurs committed to business success can help you to speed up your learning curve. Cooperative Marketing is emerging on the internet as a strategy for building individual success with a group effort. Team members committed to consistent action, an innovative marketing strategy, and constant communication is changing the way home based business is done on the internet.

If you are new to business online, you will appreciate the value of learning from seasoned marketers and the knowledge you gain will be invaluable. Seasoned marketers tired of all the broken promises are banding together and pooling their talents for the benefit of all. The team works for those who are willing to work for the team. Find a team that is right for you.


Paulette Sherb is a member of a world class team of Marketing Specialists dedicated to helping others learn the secrets of the internet The internet offers great possibilities and business opportunity that has never existed before. Marketing online with a home based business, like any other career, requires a commitment to learning and putting the knowledge into action. There are "secrets" to learn, and "actio...

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