Are You Wasting Time in Overwhelm

Are You Wasting Time in Overwhelm?

Anyone reading this article, today, can relate to feeling overwhelmed. What happens when you feel pulled in ten different directions? What happens when you have a to-do list longer than your arm? How do you feel when you have a presentation to prepare for, a school project to help your child with and a laundry basket that’s overflowing?

Well, for most of us, we feel completely overwhelmed. And what do we do when we feel overwhelmed…..Nothing. And what happens if we feel overwhelmed often….we do nothing, often.

The clients I work with and the audiences I speak to, frequently use the term “overwhelm” when referring to their lives.

What happens when we feel overwhelmed, besides being very unproductive, is that we run the risk of becoming a victim to our circumstances.

Feeling like a victim prevents action and growth. Sure, it feels good to vent our stressors, but then…. get on with doing. Action stops overwhelm in its tracks. When we actually make the choice to do something about our circumstances, it often has a snowball effect on our lives. We begin to create momentum and one action step leads to another.

Action step for this week….

Notice when you are feeling overwhelmed. It may be at work or at home. Become aware of your conversation to yourself and to others during this time. Ask yourself…Am I talking like a victim? If so, change the conversation immediately.

Next, choose one action and focus only on getting that done. Let go of all the other items in your head that need to be addressed. After the one action is complete, choose another to work on.

Action absorbs anxiety and overwhelm. So, next time overwhelm hits, get into action. Apply this plan to all areas of your life and see just how much you can get done.

How do you think I got this article written?!!!


Peggy Porter is a coach, author and speaker. Peggy is known as The Success Coach for Mom Entrepreneurs and helps them plan, prioritize and be more productive so they can make more money in their business and have quality time with family and friends all while decreasing stress and increasing their energy. In her fr*ee report at Peggy shows Mom Entrepreneurs what is needed to have a successful family and successful business, at the same time!

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