Put Your Camera Videos to Your iPhone/iPad/iPod

Nowadays, people use iPhone to deal with almost all the things. They use iPhone to make a phonecall, write email, check data, read books, play games and so on. People can even put their familiy party video into their iPhone and watch it on their iPhone. How to do that? People always buy videos and music from Apple store. However, they can also put their own videos to iTunes and sync them to their iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Most videos from camera is .mts format and some other is .m2ts format and also .mod, .ts file. All of those video files are not supported by iTunes and any Apple devices. Total Video Converter is a nice choice to help you to convert your mts, m2ts, ts, mod format videos to iPhone, iPad, iPod supported video formats and you can easily put them to iTunes and sync them to idevices. If you are a mac user, you need a video converter for mac.

If you think that it is too difficult for you to use a video converter and iTunes, you need a transfer software to help you. If you are a iPhone user, you need iPhone transfer. It can help you to transfer your videos from computer to your iPhone easily no matter what format it is. It can directly put your videos from your camear to your iPhone. You can watch it on your iPhone freely.

The transfer software can also transfer your music and DVD movies to your iPhone directly without iTunes. With it you can easily manage your iPhone and enjoy your iPhone much more easier than using iTunes. The iPhone transfer software can also be used as a iPhone to computer transfer. This is to say it can help you to backup your iPhone files to your computer easily. It can help you to backup your iPhone/iPad/iPod music, movie, pictures, TV shows, Podcast, iTunes U, eBooks, Camera Roll, ringtone, SMS, Contacts, voice memos, camera shot to your computer easily. If you are a mac user, you need a iPhone to mac transfer.

Of course, if you are using iPad or iPod, you can also use the two software above. They works perfectly with iPad and iPod. For iPad users, if you do not want to use iPhone transfer, you can also try iPad transfer and iPad to computer transfer to manage your iPad without iTunes. And for iPod users, you can try iPod transfer and iPod to computer transfer to help you transfer music/video/pic from computer to iPod and backup iPod files to your computer. With this software can also help you to make iPhone ringtones from music/video/DVD. So it is also a iPhone ringtone maker.

This software can also be used as a iPhone to iPhone transfer. If you have two iPhones and you can share videos, music, pics with it. It also supports to transfer files between iPhone and iPad, iPad and iPod and also iPhone and iPad.

All in all, there are many software can help iPad, iPhone, iPod users to enjoy their devices much more easily than using iTunes. You can find them through Google and other software download websites. Enjoy your iPhone, iPad and iPod!


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