Rackmount KVM: Assists in Controlling the Entire Network of Servers from a Single Location

A keyboard, mouse, LCD and a KVM Switch integrated into a drawer forms a Rackmount KVM LCD. This rugged sliding drawer is mounted in a server rack utilizing only 1U or 2U space providing an economical solution for server rooms. Available with many options, these devices have PS2 and USB variants that support the respective peripherals. Some models differ on the types of systems they connect to and support such as the SUN model that is compatible with SUN systems. Different types of video connections such as VGA, DVI, HDMI, Composite RCA or BNC and S-Video are supported by these devices and they are further classified on the basis of these video formats. The Rackmount keyboard drawer also differs based on model-specific features. For example, some are able to perform in high brightness environments and are known as sunlight readable KVM drawers, while another version called the short depth model, is ideal in situations where rack depth is shallow, such as with portable server racks.

However, all of these devices have many standard features such as the flip up design of the LCD, which eliminates the need to use bulky monitors. The on-screen display of the Rackmount monitor Keyboard is used to control Brightness, Contrast, Color, Clock, Horizontal Position, Vertical Position, Phase, Scaling, Auto configuration, Input select, Multi window, Clear EEPROM, Save and Adjust. Equipped with adjustable rack mounting brackets and slide rails which are fixed to prevent movement of the keyboard when in use, these units follow the TCP, UDP, IP, ARP, ICMP, Telnet, DHCP/BOOTP, PPP, SMTP, DNS, NTP, Dynamic DNS protocols. Advanced models have KVM over IP, CAT5, Touch screen video input and 12/24/48VDC power options. Hot key switching, front panel push buttons or auto scan are the modes of control for these units. Also, these units can be equipped with 8, 16 or 32 port KVM switches that integrated into the rear of the metal frame. LCD Screen sizes can range between 17” and 20” and operating systems supported are Windows, SUN, Dell, UNIX, and Linux.

The Rackmount KVM device can be used to control up to 32 PCs and for greater configurations, they can be cascaded providing network administrators the ability to control their networks. Light in weight, these drawers also have built-in microprocessor emulation for each port boot up process and can support multiple keyboard languages. Hot Pluggable, this unit also comes with the ability to add or remove connected PCs for maintenance without powering down the switch or PCs.

Due to all its features, this device is commonly used in server room environments throughout commercial, industrial, government and military organizations.


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