Sales Training - Make sure you choose one that understands the stages of learning

Make Sure Your Sales Training fits How People Learn

When considering Sales Training it is important to consider the make up of your audience and thedesired outcomes of the training. If you are considering a sales training compamy then make sure you check they understand the importance of the following three different elements of learning:

Learning About:

This is where people are learning about a particular subject area i.e Major Account Management. It is usually where they have little or limited knowledge sorounding the subject area. The aim for the trainer and the company here is to develop 'Tacit' Knowledge. This is most suitably achieved by:

  • Individual learning
  • Self Directed Learning

Learning To Do:

This is a blend of the principles in learning about and those comming in the next section Learning To Be. This is where the knowledge levels are beginning to grow and the Sales Training is focused on making it transferable to the day to day environment. It is about transferability and action.

Learning To Be:

This is where the emphasis shifts to developing 'Tacit Knowledge'. That is the tranference of the knowledge and relevancy into adoption by the sales person. It is about helping them become the best salesperson they can be by practicing and applying the skills they have learnt.

  • Post training follow up
  • One to one coaching,
  • Accompanied visits,
  • Follow on training

If you are considering sales training, check with your provider and see if they understand where your team is and which type of learning would be best for them. It will cost you in the long run if you don't.


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