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When it comes to auto insurance, Canada is one of the places you could need it most. From the Rocky Mountains to the hills of Cape Breton and beyond, the country’s natural wonders just scream out “road trip!” Hopping in your car and driving cross country is one of the best ways to see the nation in its entire splendor. But, before you step on that gas pedal, be sure you are well prepared for what the roads ahead might have in store for you.

From Vancouver to Winnipeg to Toronto to Halifax, this country poses a number of unique challenges for the driver than does its neighbour to the South, which cannot only affect your driving, but your insurance claims as well. Being well prepared will not only keep you safer and help you enjoy your trip more, but will reduce the hassle of dealing with the insurance company later on.

No matter what season it might be, this country is known for its surprise winter storms, which cause a large percentage of car insurance claims. Make sure you keep in your vehicle at all times an emergency winter kit. For instance, if you get stuck in the snow, a bag of cat litter might be a good idea to put under your tires for traction. Being able to pull yourself out of a rut would save you on any towing costs. A shovel could also be a good idea. And, as always, bring tire chains and a flashlight, and don’t forget the batteries.

When you’re dealing with auto insurance, Canada also poses another unique challenge apart from its weather conditions: the remoteness of much of its land and peoples. Some of the most beautiful places in the country are precisely so because they are quite difficult to get too, where only the bravest often dare trek. If you find yourself stuck in a remote area, chances are it will not only take a long time for help to get to you, but it will cost an arm and a leg too.

To ensure yourself against any potential hassle, make sure your coverage plan includes winter towing as part of its Emergency Road Service. Also, be as prepared as possible before you leave. Check your car’s oil levels, battery and ignition, brakes, tires, and of course, fuel.

When you’re already out on the road, there are a number of ways you can prevent having to make that call to the insurance company. First, reduce your speed in precarious driving situations and resist the urge to use cruise control. Also, keep on the lookout for deer, especially in the more remote parts of the country, and during dusk and dawn. The average collision with a deer – of which there are hundreds of thousands each year – results in roughly $2,000 in repair costs.

It may be one of the most beautiful and scenic countries in the world, but when it comes to auto insurance Canada is not your friend. Examine your coverage plan to make sure it has what you need. And, take care while you drive; if not for your auto insurance, at least for your own life.

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