What to Look for in an Online Business

If you decide that you want to buy an online business and work out of your home, you will discover that it is not at all like purchasing a company with a brick and mortar location. On the plus side, however, getting through the due diligence process, in which you will review all aspects of an online business for sale before closing the deal, ought to be surprisingly easy.

Importance of performing your due diligence

As part of this important process you, should review every source of revenue the business takes in. Because each transaction-such as selling products and services, affiliate sales and revenue from ads-is completed via the internet, each one should be well-documented and recorded accurately. Because verifying this information is essential, the current owner should not hesitate to have you gain access to these records.

Avoiding scams

Be aware that an online business for sale you consider buying may very well be a scam. If you have been impressed by the number of hits the website receives every month, or if the current owner claims that the company is highly profitable, you will want to review the related monthly analytic reports to ensure that what you are being told is true. They will provide a great deal of valuable information, including the key words consumers used to reach the website and the number of visitors and page views the site received. If the seller refuses to make any of this information available to you, you should exercise caution and find some other online business for sale to buy that is more transparent.

Another negative factor to avoid

In addition, financial experts suggest that you ought to access the owner's live reports to study past and current data, which is always sensitive. If the seller balks at the idea, try to arrange a meeting where the two of you can study the reports together. Note that in the past, some people have managed to alter screenshots to falsify the profitability of their online business, and if screen shots are the only things that are made available to you, be sure to regard that as a warning sign.

Doing your own research will not be difficult

Because of the very nature of an online business, you will be able to perform some thorough research by simply using various search engines and visiting other websites and online business forums. If the company has significant customer base, those sources will probably provide you with a substantial amount of feedback about its reputation and standing in the industry, whatever it might be. By way of comparison, when a brick and mortar business is on the market, potential buyers often discover that it is almost impossible to find customers who are willing to give their honest opinion about that company, and the fact that you will using the internet to make your final decision is definitely an advantage they would like to have.


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These articles were written by Peter Watson, CEO of Biz Listings, buying a business or selling a business in Australia.



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