The GREEN CEO-the Environmentally Conscious Entrepreneur

After doing years of research, we are grateful that the sequence of steps that Napoleon Hill has shared with us truly are insightful and helpful in building a business from the ground up. Building your GREEN Business from the ground up requires knowledge of the environment and environmental planning, as well as your own business plan ideas.

A great thing to do to increase your knowledge of the environment is to enroll in a course at a university in the department of environmental science. Many of these science departments have geography, environmental management courses and GIS courses.

Geographic Information Science is a truly useful software to learn for many business applications.

Routing, researching, mapping, planning, location based project all deal with GIS. Having a GIS specialist on staff or even becoming a GIS provider can add a great and sought after dimension to your business.

Try to volunteer at a local environmental group or go to a local green fair in the community or at the university to get an idea about the huge variety of groups already set up and where your green business fits in.

Once your idea is established, continue with the 13 Steps to Think and Grow Rich at The Pia Lord Show on the internet. This series will provide you with a video about each of the steps and how to follow them in sequence.

We began with the First Step that was Desire. You desire to accomplish something and what that exactly is. This is the beginning.

The Second Step is Faith. This encompassed the absolute belief that your desire is attainable.

The Third Step is Autosuggestion. This step involved building within yourself the means to continually and positively reinforce the desired goals and necessary actions. It is a way of influencing your subconscious mind.

The Fourth Step is having specialized knowledge through personal experience or observation. Knowing how to organize and put to good use the knowledge that you have acquired is key. If you do not have the necessary knowledge then relying upon your carefully chosen mastermind group will provide it. The knowledge must provide a good or service to be marketable.

The Fifth Step is Imagination. Even Einstein said that imagination is of greater value than knowledge. Imagination can propel us forward into realms yet unknown, yet undiscovered and unexplored, dare we only go.

The Sixth Step is Organized Planning. In this step we created an actual plan of action to begin our daily work towards our goals.

The Seventh Step to Riches is Decision. Acting in clear cut decisive ways when confronted with situations requiring a decision. The ability to make the decision and hold fast to it in the face of adversity creates strong character.

The Eighth Step is Persistence. When we remain on the path until we get there, we succeed. Need we be reminded that the winner never quits and the quitter never wins. We begin to believe when we see it happening.

The Ninth Step is the Power of the Mastermind Group. The creation and working capital obtained from this group can only be priceless. The value of another person’s knowledge and skills matched to your desires and visions bring you not just luck but further on the road to your own success.

The Tenth Step is the Mystery of sublimation or transmutation. When we use all of our bodily energies for the ultimate cause of achieving our goals, those drives and powers within us, muscular, mental or sexual are all channeled into one direction. This creates a synthesis and a synergy of action which causes things to happen.

The Eleventh step to Riches is the subconscious mind. When we routinely play our top 40 hits on our brain waves, we influence our own subconscious mind the way we want it to go. We must positively influence ourselves always with good emotions and energy.

The Twelfth step to Riches lies within our brain. Our brain acts as a sending and receiving unit for information night and day, from dawn to dusk. We can broadcast or receive anything at any moment.

The Thirteenth Step to Riches is the sixth sense. Our intuition can guide us affirmatively and surely into the creation of our being, our brain child or what you would like to call your business. Once having done this it can as well bring us further into the realm of the being of our creation. This step is necessary to further develop the business. Good Luck to you.


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