The Secret of the Penny

In the beginning was the word….

We have all heard that before.

What if there had not been the word? Would there have been a beginning?

Just as this past spring when I went out to my garden and decided that I was going to plant fields of vegetables so that I would have a harvest come September.

Well one year I planted cucumber seeds. Watered them and watched them grow. I had a great harvest!

Thanks to my husband who really showed me what planting and farming was all about and how to do it, step by step.

It began with the seed

So last summer,

I had gone to Home Depot after ascertaining that “No the gardening bin in the garage did not have any

more seed packets.” So I purchased seeds of every kind, being so curious and wanting to have a great variety of fruits and vegetables come harvest time.

It would not work without the seed.

I needed the seeds. I could not just conjure them up.

Nothing would happen without the seeds.!

This little idea seems obvious you say. Well it is. But it is a vital beginning.

Like any product that starts in the mind of the inventor with an idea.

The idea is the seed.

People in business talk about “seed money”. That is money that they use to get the business going.

Without that money, no start happens!

So if you want to have a better financial situation, better health you have to find your seeds to plant to gain that harvest. And just like the seeds that I planted in my garden, time works its miracle, once that seed is in and on its way. Once you have established that correct money saving strategy and behavior, that exercise path and do it every day, that proper eating of fruits, vegetables, grains, fish combinations you will at the end of the year see improvement because you have practiced or cultivated what you know will get you to your desired goal.


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