Importance of headings

There are 6 heading tags available in HTML coding. H1 is the largest and at the top of the heading structure hierarchy. H6 is the smallest and at the bottom of the heading structure hierarchy. Headings tags indicate to a search engine what a page is about. Heading tags label your headline so that search engines will recognize it as "important" on your web page. Hence, you should use the heading tags to identify the different sections of your articles. The heading tags will make your headline bolder so it will stand out. Each search engine has a different way of prioritizing the importance of headings therefore it is important to use the heading tags correctly to create proper heading structure. When writing your headings, include your main keywords in the headings. Be as specific as possible to increase your chances of being listed in a reasonable spot in the search engines. Don't try to fool the engines by sprinkling heading tags throughout a web page. Instead, use heading tags where they make sense. Try an H1 tag for the main title of the page, and H2 and H3 tags for section headings.


1] Use keywords that relate to the page content in your heading tags.

2] Have your keywords occur early in the tags.

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