Meta Tags and SEO

Meta Tags are the information inserted in the

area of the HTML code of your web pages, where apart from the Title Tag, other information inserted is not visible to the person surfing your web page but is intended for the search engine crawlers.

Meta Tags Optimization is an important aspect of the search engine optimization process. Properly optimizing meta tags can help you achieve good rankings in the search engines. The meta tags are supposed to tell search engines and users what a particular page is all about.

There are three meta-tags that concern most marketers:

1] Title

This is the text that appears in the title-bar of your web browser.

2] Description

This is a quick summary of the information on the page.


These are words that are important in the page.

Every page title and meta description on your site is enormously important, from the point of view of both the search engines and your readers. Always use your top keywords in each one of your web pages - it signals to the search engines as well as your readers what that page is about. The meta description tag tends to get overlooked far too much. It’s one of those SEO things that usually gets left to the last minute. Like the title tag a descriptive meta tag signals to the search engines and your readers what that page is about. When someone does a search on Google they’ll scan through the page titles and descriptions. Search engines, especially Google, will display the description you wrote for the meta description if the search term being used can be found exactly in the meta description you wrote. Avoid repeating the same word over and over in the Keywords Meta Tag. Repeating the same word over and over is a spamming technique known as ‘Keyword Stuffing’. Also, remember to keep the length of the tag below 200 characters. Never use keywords that are completely irrelevant to your site in the hope of ranking highly for a popular phrase. Most search engines will penalize you, if you do this.

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