Guerrilla Publicity

What exactly is guerrilla publicity?

According to Lublin, who wrote the book on it, guerrilla publicity is a collection of simple, easy-to-follow techniques that help you create the credibility and visibility your business needs. Most cost next to nothing, and don’t require an advanced degree in marketing or PR to implement.

To practice guerrilla publicity, start with the basics.

First, understand that you don’t do publicity for sales. You do publicity for the ongoing visibility and credibility, and those are the only two reasons you do it.

Next, have a good story to tell. You don’t need big name recognition in order to create publicity, but you do need a message that resonates with people. Once you have the message, then you can create a strategy around getting and keeping it in the public eye.

To get started:

* Start local. Become a star in your own backyard first. Then leverage your publicity efforts on a nationwide, basis. Even if you start with the smallest local newspaper, it’s still publicity. Start where you can and go from there.

* Be bold. A friend of Lublin’s had written a book, but despite her best efforts could not land a publisher. The friend staked out a busy street corner and stood there with a big sign that said, “Author seeks publisher.” This bold move landed her a full-time editing position at a major national magazine. Eighteen months later her book was published.

* Experiment. Publicity is a little bit like throwing spaghetti at the wall — you have to throw it and see what sticks. Try different techniques and see what sticks for you.

* Share your secrets. Don’t be afraid to tell your secrets to the media. When you give away juicy tidbits — the things people want to know but nobody talks about because they’re a secret — people will call you. They’ll have no clue how to do what you do, and they will call you.

* Identify your gift. Identify a problem, or problems, in the world that you have the talent, ability and skills to help people solve. Then focus on doing what you do best and taking that message to the public.

* Use everything you’ve got. Don’t be afraid to use gender, religion, nationality, ethnicity, background or other affiliations to get publicity. Whatever you have, there’s a media source for it.

Crafting a compelling message is as simple as 1-2-3: “Here’s the problem, here’s our expertise, here are some things you can do to resolve the problem.” Put your message out there and keep putting it out, and good things will happen.

Guerrilla publicity is like farming. You have to plant some seeds, take care of the soil and then watch it grow. However, don’t expect huge results immediately. Consistency and persistency are the keys to success.


Rachel Clarkson helps small business owners to grow their companies, increase revenues and become great leaders. Rachel's business coaching articles can be found at the OneCoach blog.

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