Seo Process Search engine optimization process in 10 easy Steps

Search engine optimization process is simple to understand but difficult to follow these is the reason why 89% SEO companies fails to deliver. After proper selection of keywords one has to concentrate on SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION foundation.

Search engine optimization process in 10 easy Steps

1. Analyze who are your target customer’s.

2. Which group do they belong to example: children’s, Women’s, men’s , Industry

3. What keywords or phrase would they type into a search engine query box to find your website

4. After analyzing make a list of these keywords.

5. Those terms must be there on your website pages in form of text content

6. The title of the site should be simple and not full of keywords. It is one of the most important part of Search engine optimization. Title tags should be simple to understand. Title should always be simple and small. Never stuff keywords into your title, alt, meta tags.

• Example 1: Good title for should be: Apply online and get 1000 USD in less than 48 hours: for Fast quick and urgent loan requirement.

• Example 2: Bad title: loan, loan usa, loan, loan in 48 hrs

7. The title of the site should be in title case:

• Example: Free Search Engine Optimization

8. The site should have a good description again keyword stuffing should be avoided. Description of the website should be such that it gives a quick info about what the site is all about.

• Example 1: Good description for Eshop selling “diamond rings” should be eshop Diamonds offer the top quality engagement rings, diamond rings and wedding rings. Order your diamond jewelry online and get free shipping worldwide.

• Example 2: Bad description : from $100 onwards rings for sale. This sentence has no meaning at all.

9. Internal pages should be named in keyword rich format

• Example 1: Good internal page for Loan company offering cash advance loan should be like

• Example 2: Bad internal page for Loan company offering “cash advance loan” and hence should be avoided.

10. Make sure that the landing pages give customers exact information.

• Example 1: when customer clicks on he should get information on how to get quick holiday loan.


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