Momentum, according to Webster, is a strength or force that keeps growing. We achieve momentum by continuing to go in specific directions indefinitely. Think of momentum as a whirlpool or a cyclone depending on the direction of momentum. We can have both positive momentum and negative momentum. The type of momentum I am talking about is the negative momentum which spirals us away from our goals and the positive momentum that spirals us towards our goals.

Many people feel that much of this momentum is caused by luck or some other energy beyond their control. That style of thinking is hogwash. What we think about we bring about. All the present momentum of my life has been predetermined by past thoughts and actions. When we finally become fully aware that our life has been spiraling out of control in a negative direction, we

must understand, according to the laws of physics, momentum does not dissipate. Therefore, if we do not take action to reverse the momentum, we are doomed to run our lives into the ground.

Once we become conscious of negative momentum, we must stop immediately and reverse our negative thoughts and actions; replacing them with positive information. When we begin this process, we must be aware of the aspects of momentum and be cognizant of the fact that the energy must be redirected.

It will take an undetermined amount of time, based on the dynamism we have built into the negative momentum. Change is progressively enhanced until the new positive direction takes place and we must stay on course until we can achieve positive momentum.

Most people who acknowledged their dilemma after long periods of neglect, suffer from inpatients and tend to quit the recovery process long before the desired results. One must believe in the process and continue through its consummation. And as always remember...

Your Life is PERFECT!



Randy Ek


What do leadership, teamwork, balance, management, productivity, retention, motivation, communication, ethics, values, reliability, accountability and responsibility have in common? To be successful at any of these requires a positive, organized thought process and logical yet simple execution strategy. Helping people and companies achieve these processes is the foundation of Biz Wiz 3D’s successful individual and business strategies.

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