I think the prime reason so few people prosper is that prosperity is misunderstood. The description of prosperity I like best is from Webster’s Dictionary. Webster defines prosperity merely as betterment. Are we all not here on earth for our betterment? If we would all strive for betterment and stay focused on bettering ourselves and not tamper with other people’s lives the people of the world would be much happier. I find that when I stay focused on my own life and my own achievements I not only stay on my path toward prosperity and happiness but I become a better example for my children, my friends and my associates.

The second reason we find it difficult to achieve prosperity is the old ideas of

prosperity we hold in our subconscious. I am a Metaphysical minister and it appalls me when I see religions that proclaim poverty as a sign of spirituality. In the 28 years I have been studying the world’s religions I have yet to find any support for that conclusion. I do believe strongly when I hear that the universe wants all of us to have our, “HEARTS DESIRE.” My hearts desire is to be a great example of happiness and prosperity. I want me and mine to have enough so that we can all graciously be available to help the planet rise in consciousness and produce the greatness we all have within us. I also think that we are to be an example of what we believe by living our morality loud and proud. “The volume of your life shows the degree of your conviction.”

Prosperity is our heritage. We all have everything we need, within us, to be exceedingly happy and prosperous. Anytime we feel lack there is a part of us that wants to rise up and cast out such illusions. We cannot have belief in lack and prosperity simultaneously. We must read and feed ourselves positive, speak positive and live positive to be positive. We must believe that the universe has enough for everyone to have everything they want before we can move into prosperity. By me achieving and sharing my prosperity I have actually added to the mass instead of subtracting from it. As always remember…

Your Life is PERFECT!



Randy Ek


What do leadership, teamwork, balance, management, productivity, retention, motivation, communication, ethics, values, reliability, accountability and responsibility have in common? To be successful at any of these requires a positive, organized thought process and logical yet simple execution strategy. Helping people and companies achieve these processes is the foundation of Biz Wiz 3D’s successful individual and business strategies.

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